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Red Team Operations


The Red Team Operations engagement consists of a realistic, “no-holds-barred” attack scenario in your environment. The Certcube Labs red team uses any nondestructive methods necessary to accomplish a set of jointly agreed-upon mission objectives while simulating attacker behavior. The red team closely mimics a real attacker’s active and stealthy attack methods by using TTPs seen
on real, recent incident response engagements. This helps assess your security team’s ability to detect and respond to an active attacker scenario.

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Why Choose Red Team Operations


Test detection and response capabilities. Security teams prepare for real-world incidents, but you must confirm that they can respond properly without real risk.


Raise awareness and show impact. The Certcube Labs red team behaves like a real-world attacker, working and compromising your environment from the Internet by using information only available to the Internet. Successful red team engagements can help justify increased security budgets and identify gaps that require further investment.

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Evaluate your response to attack

Learn how prepared your organisation is to respond to a targeted attack designed to test the effectiveness of people and technology.

Address identified exposures

Receive important post-operation support to address any vulnerabilities identified and mitigate the risk of suffering real-life attacks.

Identify and classify security risks

Learn whether systems, data and other critical assets are at risk and how easily they could be targeted by adversaries.

Enhance blue team effectiveness

By simulating a range of scenarios, red team testing helps your security team to identify and address gaps in threat coverage and visibility.

Actionable outcomes to secure your business

• Summary for executives and senior-level management
• Fact-based risk analysis so you know a critical finding is relevant to your environment
• Tactical recommendations for immediate improvement
• Strategic recommendations for long-term improvement
• Invaluable experience responding to a real-world incident without the pressure of a potential headline-causing breach.

goals of a Red Team Operation

Once the objectives are set, the red team starts by conducting initial reconnaissance. Certcube Team leverages a combination of proprietary intelligence repositories as well as open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools and techniques to perform reconnaissance of the target environment. Certcube Labs attempts to gain initial access to the target environment by exploiting vulnerabilities or conducting a social engineering attack. Certcube Labs leverages techniques used by real-world attackers to gain privileged access to these systems. Once access is gained, the red team attempts to escalate privileges to establish and maintain persistence within the environment by deploying a command and control infrastructure, just like an attacker would. After persistence and command and control systems are established within the environment, the red team attempts to accomplish its objectives through any non-disruptive means necessary