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Penetration testing services

Certcube labs offers complete penetration testing services designed to identify system vulnerabilities, validate existing security measures and provide a detailed remediation roadmap.

Our team, equipped with the latest tools and industry-specific test scenarios, is ready to deliver a thorough checkup to pinpoint system vulnerabilities, as well as flaws in application, service, and OS, loopholes in configurations, and potentially dangerous non-compliance with security policies.

Types of penetration testing services we provide

Black Box Assessments

We work in life-like conditions having strictly limited knowledge of your network and no information on the security policies, network structure, software, and network protection used

Grey Box Assessments

We examine your system having some information on your network, such as user login details, architecture diagrams, or the network’s overview

White Box Assessments

We identify potential points of weakness by using admin rights and access to server configuration files, database encryption principles, source code, or architecture documentation

Benefit of penetration testing services


Identify and mitigate vulnerabilities throughout your IT environment, to reduce the attack surface for today’s advanced threats


Gain an objective perspective that exposes blind spots and gives you visibility into security gaps that could be missed by your internal IT teams due to a lack of expertise or unfamiliarity with the latest threats


Test the investments you have made in your cybersecurity tools and technology to determine if any vulnerabilities or gaps exist and whether they can stop a sophisticated attack on your organization


Prioritize your security budgets where they are needed most, saving money over the long run by preventing wasteful expenditures over the broader security landscape


Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability evaluation is the technique of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing the vulnerabilities in a system.


Penetration testing

we remediate the vulnerabilities in your internal infrastructure before the attacker does.

Mobile App Assessment

We can help you to identify loopholes in your mobile applications and also provide solutions on how you can assure that an attacker does not exploit your mobile application, nor is he able to compromise your clients’ Information.

API and Web Service assessment

Web Services can provide direct access for hackers to critical business data. A Penetration Test hardens your API and prevents its use as an attack vector against your organization.

Network security assessment

With decades of combined security experience, our assessment team identifies, exploits, and documents even the most subtle of network vulnerabilities

Web application assessment

Web app penetration testing is more targeted in scope. While vulnerability scans identify threats, a web app pen testing relies on having someone with experience using various tools to mimic a cyber attacker’s deliberate acts or the inadvertent actions a user might take that could expose critical information.

Scada and ICS assessment

To identify all potential vulnerabilities in the ICS atmosphere, our consultants conduct internal penetration testing  in a united set of systems and parts.

Wireless Network Assessment

Wireless network assessment culminates in a report of all the issues found and recommendations for resolving the problems and optimizing the performance of the network.

Cloud Pentesting

Our cloud penetration testing services identify configuration issues and vulnerabilities in your Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) infrastructure and guide you to close the security gaps and improve your cloud security posture.

IOT Pentesting

As the technologies evolve, new techniques to break these technologies also evolve. New vulnerabilities are discovered all the time and to protect the network and devices from these vulnerabilities IoT security is all About.

Database Security Assessment

Database Security Assessment provides an in-depth evaluation of database security best practices, such as how the employer database performs authentication, authorization, encryption, table permissions, session management, access control, password management, auditing/logging, and configuration management.

Secure Code Review

Secure code review not only identifies which statement on which line of code is vulnerable, but is also able to recognise the tainted variable that introduces the vulnerability. In this way it illustrates the propagation from the root cause, to end result. This provides application developers with an end to end overview of each instance of vulnerability, allowing them to quickly understand the nature of the problem.

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