End Point Security

Strengthening organizations against cyber threats with
advanced endpoint security measures.

Compromise Assessment

Comprehensive compromise assessments for proactive
detection and mitigation of security breaches.

Identity And Access Management

Enabling secure user access and data protection through
Identity and Access Management consulting.

Secure Infrastructure Deployment

Empowering organizations with secure infrastructure
design and deployment for robust data integrity.

Ransomware Readiness

Assessing and fortifying ransomware readiness to
minimize threats and enhance recovery strategies.

Purple Team Assessment

Fostering collaborative cybersecurity excellence
through defensive strategies and vulnerability identification.

Enterprise Incident Response

Minimizing damage and ensuring swift recovery with
strategic incident response consulting for enterprises.

Disaster Recovery as a service

Ensuring uninterrupted operations through proactive
disaster recovery consulting for businesses.

Data Migration

Seamless and secure data migration consulting for
efficient transitions with minimal disruption.

Data Recovery

Expert data recovery consulting for swift retrieval of
valuable information and minimal business disruption.

SOC Maturity Assessment

Enhancing cybersecurity readiness through comprehensive
SOC assessment consulting.

Digital Forensics Investigation

We specialize in uncovering, preserving, and securing digital evidence for aiding in cybercrime resolution.

IT Risk Management

Thorough IT Risk Management Assessment
for Nurturing Business Resilience

CCSS Compliance Audit

Assure regulatory alignment, fostering
market legitimacy and investor trust

ISO 22301 Compliance Audit

Advancing the Contemporary Business
Continuity Management process

ISO 27001 Compliance Auditing

Nurturing Maturity Across People,
Processes, and Technology

Cloud Adoption Framework

IT offers a structured plan for organizations to efficiently manage their cloud migration and usage strategies.

GDPR Compliance Audit

Ensures data privacy compliance, mitigates
risks, and enhance customer trust

PCI DSS Compliance Audit

Strengthen payment security, safeguarding
sensitive data & fosters customer confidence

HIPPA Compliance Consulting

Protect the security of healthcare information,
legal compliance, and fosters patient trust.

HITRUST Compliance Consulting

Improve healthcare cybersecurity, streamlines
risk management & boosts credibility

Virtual Data Protection Officer

Remote professional who provides expertise in data protection and compliance.

FINRA Compliance

Reinforces the integrity of financial services,
compliance & nurtures trust among investors.

Fair Risk Assessment

Quantify decision-making with FAIR framework
to assess and manage information risks.

CCPA Compliance Audit

Ensure transparent data handling, respects
consumer rights, and fortify data-driven trust

SOC2 Compliance Audit & Report

Validates operational quality, builds customer
trust & demonstrates dedication to data security

ISO 27701 Compliance Audit

Assesses an organization's adherence to the privacy information management standard.

Industries WeServe

Secure Source Code Review

We identify source code vulnerabilities, ensuring strong defense against critical attacks.

Spear Phishing Simulations

We check the awareness of the people
towards enterprise cyber security policies

Infrastructure Pentesting

Maturing organizational resilience by evaluating the security posture of IT infrastructure.

Mobile Application Pentesting

Strengthens mobile app security by addressing vulnerabilities and ensuring robust protection .

DevSecOps Solutions

Strengthening software development through security-focused testing in DevSecOps.

IOT Security Assessment

Strengthens IoT systems by vulnerability analysis & ensuring defense with hardcore pentesting

Red Team Operations Services

Simulating real-world APT attacks to evaluate an organization's security readiness .

Cloud Pentesting And Security

Ensuring the robustness of cloud infrastructure by pentesting and defending the cloud .

Web Application Pentesting

Detecting issues across various programming languages, frontend & backend environments

Blockchain Penetration Testing

Evaluating blockchain security via vulnerability testing to prevent potential breaches.

Web API Pentesting

Validate API design ,configuration and implementation according to security policies.

ICS SCADA Pentesting

We safeguards industrial control systems by identifying and fixing vulnerabilities 

Security Configuration Review

In-depth inspection of enterprise devices or applications to identify configuration weaknesses .

Thick client Security Assessment

Conducting security assessment of local and server-side processing and communication protocols

Web3 Penetration Testing

Securing Web3 by probing and addressing vulnerabilities in decentralized apps and protocols.
corporate services

Ransomware Readiness Assessment

Intelligence Driven Cyber Security Operations

Ransomware Readiness Assessment

Ransomware Readiness Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s cybersecurity measures and preparedness to defend against ransomware attacks. It involves a detailed analysis of an organization’s IT infrastructure, security protocols, incident response capabilities, and employee training to identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could make the organization susceptible to ransomware threats.

During the assessment, cybersecurity experts conduct various tests and simulations, such as vulnerability assessments, security awareness training evaluations, and ransomware attack simulations, to gauge the organization’s ability to detect, prevent, and respond to ransomware incidents effectively. The goal is to provide a clear picture of the organization’s current ransomware readiness and identify areas that require improvement.

Based on the assessment findings, a comprehensive report is generated, outlining the identified risks and vulnerabilities, along with actionable recommendations to enhance ransomware readiness. This report helps organizations prioritize security measures and implement necessary changes to strengthen their defense against ransomware attacks.

A Ransomware Readiness Assessment helps organizations proactively mitigate ransomware risks, safeguard critical data, and maintain operational continuity in the face of potential ransomware threats. It serves as a valuable tool to ensure that organizations are well-prepared to combat ransomware and protect their assets from extortion attempts.

At Certcube Labs, we understand that completely preventing ransomware attacks is challenging, but we believe in taking proactive steps to neutralize or minimize their impact. We emphasize the importance of basic cyber hygiene as a fundamental defense. Our approach involves accurately and regularly documenting the entire configuration of your network, ensuring that critical information is well-documented and up-to-date.

Data mapping inventories are now more crucial than ever, considering the evolving nature of ransomware attacks. With threats of data leakage becoming prevalent, knowing the types of data you possess and its locations is imperative. Our experts help you conduct comprehensive data mapping, identifying where your data is collected, used, and stored throughout your organization.

By understanding your data landscape, we can better assist you in creating robust strategies to handle potential ransomware incidents and address regulatory data privacy and breach notification concerns. Our goal is to help you fortify your defenses and be prepared to respond effectively to any ransomware attack, ensuring the continuity of your operations and safeguarding your sensitive information.

Certcube Labs offers a comprehensive Ransomware Readiness Assessment that includes six fundamental security steps to provide immediate layers of protection against ransomware:

  • Implement Least Privilege Policies: We help you institute policies that ensure data and system access is restricted to only those who require it, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and potential ransomware infections.
  • Manage Email Addresses: Our experts guide you in identifying and deleting unused email addresses, minimizing potential attack vectors that cybercriminals could exploit.
  • Enforce Strong Password Policies: We assist in establishing strong password policies, ensuring that employees use secure passwords to protect their accounts and sensitive information.
  • Enable Multifactor Authentication: Certcube Labs helps you implement multifactor authentication, adding an extra layer of security to user logins, making it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access.
  • Implement Robust Backup Strategies: We work with you to create, update, segregate, and protect viable backups of your critical data, ensuring that you can recover essential information in the event of a ransomware attack.
  • Whitelist Safe Applications: Our experts help you create a whitelist of approved and safe applications, reducing the likelihood of malicious software infiltrating your systems.
  • Accurate Network Mapping: We assist in accurately mapping your network configurations, helping you identify potential weak points and vulnerabilities in your infrastructure.

By following these fundamental security steps, your organization can strengthen its defenses against ransomware and improve its overall cybersecurity posture. With Certcube Labs’ expertise, you can enhance your readiness to respond to potential ransomware threats and safeguard your critical data from malicious attacks.

Our approach to Managed SIEM Solutions

Initial Consultation
Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

We begin by conducting an initial consultation with the client to understand their specific requirements, existing security measures, and potential risks related to ransomware. This helps us tailor the assessment process to the client’s unique needs.

Network and System Inventory
Network and System Inventory

Network and System Inventory

Our experts conduct a comprehensive inventory of the client’s network and systems to identify all endpoints, servers, applications, and critical data repositories. This step is crucial to ensure that all potential attack vectors are considered during the assessment.

Vulnerability Assessment
Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

We perform a thorough vulnerability assessment to identify any weaknesses or security gaps in the client’s IT infrastructure. This includes evaluating the effectiveness of security controls, patch management, and network segmentation.

Security Awareness Training Evaluation
Security Awareness Training Evaluation

Security Awareness Training Evaluation

Our team assesses the client’s security awareness training program to determine its effectiveness in educating employees about ransomware threats and best practices for prevention.

Ransomware Simulation Exercises
Ransomware Simulation Exercises

Ransomware Simulation Exercises

We conduct realistic ransomware simulation exercises to test the client’s incident response capabilities and identify areas for improvement. This helps the client’s team gain hands-on experience in handling a ransomware attack.

Backup and Recovery Assessment
Backup and Recovery Assessment

Backup and Recovery Assessment

We evaluate the client’s backup and recovery processes to ensure that critical data is adequately protected and can be restored in the event of a ransomware attack.

Incident Response Plan Review
Incident Response Plan Review

Incident Response Plan Review

Our experts review the client’s incident response plan to verify its effectiveness in mitigating ransomware incidents. We provide recommendations for enhancing the plan’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Risk Assessment and Recommendations
Risk Assessment and Recommendations

Risk Assessment and Recommendations

Based on the findings from the assessment, we conduct a risk assessment to prioritize potential vulnerabilities and threats. We provide detailed recommendations and a roadmap to strengthen the client’s ransomware readiness.

Report and Presentation
Report and Presentation

Report and Presentation

We prepare a comprehensive report detailing the assessment results, risk assessment, and actionable recommendations. We present the findings to the client’s stakeholders, ensuring they have a clear understanding of their ransomware readiness status.

Post-Assessment Support
Post-Assessment Support

Post-Assessment Support

Our engagement doesn’t end with the assessment. We offer post-assessment support to assist the client in implementing the recommended improvements and ensuring ongoing ransomware readiness.

Our Services

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Threat Hunting Assessment

Create a baseline to develop a strategic plan. Identify ransomware threat actors that have previously bypassed detections prior to launching an attack.
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Ransomware CIRP Review and Exercise

At Certcube Labs, we specialize in developing customized incident response plans tailored to tackle ransomware threats. Our approach includes providing targeted IR advisory services and conducting tabletop scenarios. By focusing on ransomware-specific scenarios, we ensure that organizations are well-prepared to respond effectively to potential incidents
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Ransomware Simulation Test

Our team of adversarial security testing experts at Certcube Labs conducts simulation tests to identify weaknesses in your organization's detection and response capabilities. Through these tests, we simulate real-world attack scenarios to assess how well your security measures can detect and respond to potential threats.
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Active Directory Security Assessment

Our team of experts at Certcube Labs specializes in identifying vulnerabilities and misconfigurations commonly exploited during post-intrusion ransomware attacks. By conducting thorough assessments, we pinpoint weak points in your infrastructure and applications that attackers may exploit to infiltrate your systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Ransomware Readiness Assessment, and why is it important?
A Ransomware Readiness Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s preparedness to defend against, detect, respond to, and recover from ransomware attacks. It’s important because ransomware threats continue to evolve, and organizations need to proactively assess their defenses and response capabilities.

What are the common components of a Ransomware Readiness Assessment?
Components include network and endpoint security assessments, evaluation of access controls and user permissions, review of backup and disaster recovery plans, testing of incident response procedures, and assessment of employee awareness and training programs.

How is data backup and recovery assessed in a Ransomware Readiness Assessment?
Assessment of data backup and recovery includes reviewing backup strategies, testing data restoration procedures, and ensuring that backups are offline or isolated from the network to prevent ransomware from encrypting them. A key focus is on the ability to recover data without paying ransom.

What are the key objectives of a Ransomware Readiness Assessment?
The main objectives are to identify vulnerabilities in an organization’s security posture, evaluate incident response processes, assess data backup and recovery capabilities, and determine employee awareness and training levels regarding ransomware threats.
How is the risk of ransomware attacks assessed in a readiness assessment?
Risk assessment involves evaluating an organization’s susceptibility to ransomware attacks based on factors like existing security controls, data criticality, industry-specific threats, and historical incident data. It helps prioritize mitigation efforts.
How often should organizations conduct Ransomware Readiness Assessments?
Ransomware Readiness Assessments should be conducted periodically, ideally at least annually, but more frequently if there are significant changes to the organization’s IT environment or if there’s a rise in ransomware threats in the industry.