End Point Security

Strengthening organizations against cyber threats with
advanced endpoint security measures.

Compromise Assessment

Comprehensive compromise assessments for proactive
detection and mitigation of security breaches.

Identity And Access Management

Enabling secure user access and data protection through
Identity and Access Management consulting.

Secure Infrastructure Deployment

Empowering organizations with secure infrastructure
design and deployment for robust data integrity.

Ransomware Readiness

Assessing and fortifying ransomware readiness to
minimize threats and enhance recovery strategies.

Purple Team Assessment

Fostering collaborative cybersecurity excellence
through defensive strategies and vulnerability identification.

Enterprise Incident Response

Minimizing damage and ensuring swift recovery with
strategic incident response consulting for enterprises.

Disaster Recovery as a service

Ensuring uninterrupted operations through proactive
disaster recovery consulting for businesses.

Data Migration

Seamless and secure data migration consulting for
efficient transitions with minimal disruption.

Data Recovery

Expert data recovery consulting for swift retrieval of
valuable information and minimal business disruption.

SOC Maturity Assessment

Enhancing cybersecurity readiness through comprehensive
SOC assessment consulting.

Digital Forensics Investigation

We specialize in uncovering, preserving, and securing digital evidence for aiding in cybercrime resolution.

IT Risk Management

Thorough IT Risk Management Assessment
for Nurturing Business Resilience

CCSS Compliance Audit

Assure regulatory alignment, fostering
market legitimacy and investor trust

ISO 22301 Compliance Audit

Advancing the Contemporary Business
Continuity Management process

ISO 27001 Compliance Auditing

Nurturing Maturity Across People,
Processes, and Technology

Cloud Adoption Framework

IT offers a structured plan for organizations to efficiently manage their cloud migration and usage strategies.

GDPR Compliance Audit

Ensures data privacy compliance, mitigates
risks, and enhance customer trust

PCI DSS Compliance Audit

Strengthen payment security, safeguarding
sensitive data & fosters customer confidence

HIPPA Compliance Consulting

Protect the security of healthcare information,
legal compliance, and fosters patient trust.

HITRUST Compliance Consulting

Improve healthcare cybersecurity, streamlines
risk management & boosts credibility

Virtual Data Protection Officer

Remote professional who provides expertise in data protection and compliance.

FINRA Compliance

Reinforces the integrity of financial services,
compliance & nurtures trust among investors.

Fair Risk Assessment

Quantify decision-making with FAIR framework
to assess and manage information risks.

CCPA Compliance Audit

Ensure transparent data handling, respects
consumer rights, and fortify data-driven trust

SOC2 Compliance Audit & Report

Validates operational quality, builds customer
trust & demonstrates dedication to data security

ISO 27701 Compliance Audit

Assesses an organization's adherence to the privacy information management standard.

Industries WeServe

Secure Source Code Review

We identify source code vulnerabilities, ensuring strong defense against critical attacks.

Spear Phishing Simulations

We check the awareness of the people
towards enterprise cyber security policies

Infrastructure Pentesting

Maturing organizational resilience by evaluating the security posture of IT infrastructure.

Mobile Application Pentesting

Strengthens mobile app security by addressing vulnerabilities and ensuring robust protection .

DevSecOps Solutions

Strengthening software development through security-focused testing in DevSecOps.

IOT Security Assessment

Strengthens IoT systems by vulnerability analysis & ensuring defense with hardcore pentesting

Red Team Operations Services

Simulating real-world APT attacks to evaluate an organization's security readiness .

Cloud Pentesting And Security

Ensuring the robustness of cloud infrastructure by pentesting and defending the cloud .

Web Application Pentesting

Detecting issues across various programming languages, frontend & backend environments

Blockchain Penetration Testing

Evaluating blockchain security via vulnerability testing to prevent potential breaches.

Web API Pentesting

Validate API design ,configuration and implementation according to security policies.

ICS SCADA Pentesting

We safeguards industrial control systems by identifying and fixing vulnerabilities 

Security Configuration Review

In-depth inspection of enterprise devices or applications to identify configuration weaknesses .

Thick client Security Assessment

Conducting security assessment of local and server-side processing and communication protocols

Web3 Penetration Testing

Securing Web3 by probing and addressing vulnerabilities in decentralized apps and protocols.
corporate services

Industrial Control System Penetration Testing

Intelligence Driven Cyber Securty Operations

Industrial Control System Penetration Testing

At Certcube Labs, we recognize the historical isolation of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and SCADA installations, particularly older ones, which relied on physical security measures and lacked external network connectivity. However, with the increasing interconnectivity, the traditional network isolation is becoming less prevalent, rendering these systems more susceptible to cyber threats.

To tackle these evolving security challenges, our team of security consultants employs a comprehensive testing approach for your SCADA system. This approach encompasses vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, physical security assessment, and impact analysis. By conducting a thorough evaluation of your SCADA system’s security, we can pinpoint potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and offer practical recommendations to bolster its resilience against cyber-attacks. Our ultimate aim is to protect your critical infrastructure, ensuring the safety and dependability of industrial processes in today’s interconnected world.

An Industrial Control System (ICS) breach can lead to severe consequences, including financial losses, manufacturing disruptions, and potential risks to human lives, particularly in critical infrastructure. Often, industrial systems lack regular security updates and may remain unpatched for extended periods, leaving them susceptible to well-known and fixable vulnerabilities. At Certcube Labs, we are committed to providing outstanding services tailored to your specific requirements. Our ICS testing addresses the unique challenges associated with testing industrial systems, enabling you to identify and effectively mitigate potential security issues.

Benefits of ICS SCADA Security Testing

At Certcube Labs, we take pride in delivering penetration tests that provide actionable and easily comprehensible reports, offering detailed explanations for every identified risk.

Our testing approach achieves the following objectives:

Reducing Attack Surface: We promptly address known vulnerabilities, keeping track of publicly disclosed vulnerabilities and recommending appropriate patches to enhance overall security and minimize the exposed attack surface

Eliminating Exploitable Code: By identifying and removing unnecessary services from control system servers and workstations, we ensure a more secure environment, free from exploitable code.

Mitigating Vulnerabilities: We address vulnerabilities such as default accounts and weak passwords, helping prevent unauthorized access and potential breaches.

Addressing Common Vulnerabilities: We identify and tackle common vulnerabilities like directory traversal attacks to elevate the overall security posture.

Promoting Industrial Safety: Our proactive approach identifies security gaps and recommends measures to safeguard critical systems, promoting industrial safety.

Our Premier receive comprehensive reports that empower them to take proactive steps in securing their systems and defending against potential cyber threats. We aim to provide clear and actionable insights, enabling organizations to enhance their security measures effectively.

“Scope of Critical Assessment: Key Areas Review”

Onsite ICS/SCADA Testing Expertise: Our team possesses extensive experience in performing tests on live production systems and test environments, enabling us to conduct comprehensive evaluations with confidence.

Tailored Testing for Your Needs: We understand the uniqueness of each ICS/SCADA system and, as such, customize our testing approach to cover a range of critical areas specific to your setup. These tailored assessments encompass:


Step 1Q


Global Standrd for cyber security assessments and auditing organisationfrom cyber attacks..

Step 2Q


The standard defines guidelines for Planning and reconnaissance, identifying vulnerabilities, exploiting vulnerabilities and documenting findings.

Step 3Q


The penetration testinng executaion standard defined the guidelines for how to conduct a comprehensive cyber security assessment .

Step 4Q


A complete methodology for penetration and security testing, security analysis and the measurement of operational security towards building the best possible security defenses .

Step 5Q


The MITRE ATT&CK framework is a curated knowledge base and model for cyber adversary behavior, reflecting the various phases of an adversary's attack lifecycle and the platforms they are known to target.

Our approach to Industrial Control System Penetration Testing

Scoping and Planning
Scoping and Planning

Scoping and Planning

The consultants and client team involves in understanding the scope of the pentest, including the target systems, hardware, protocols, sensors, controllers, network architecture, and specific goals of the assessment. 

Information Gathering
Information Gathering

Information Gathering

In this phase, we collect detailed information about the target ICS/SCADA systems, including device types, protocols used, communication patterns, and system components. This helps us understand the attack surface and identify potential entry points.

Vulnerability Assessment
Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

We conduct a comprehensive vulnerability assessment to identify security weaknesses in the ICS/SCADA systems. This includes examining the system’s configuration, firmware versions, and software components for known vulnerabilities.

Threat Modeling
Threat Modeling

Threat Modeling

We develop threat models specific to the client’s environment, analyzing potential attack vectors and scenarios that threat actors may employ. This helps us focus on addressing the most critical and realistic threats during the testing.

Penetration Testing
Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

The actual penetration testing phase involves actively attempting to exploit identified vulnerabilities and weaknesses. We simulate various attack scenarios to determine the extent of system exposure and potential consequences of successful attacks.
Exploitation and Post-Exploitation
Exploitation and Post-Exploitation

Post-Exploitation and Persistence

In this step, we attempt to escalate the vulnerabilities to gain more internal access and identify the ways to take persistence in the ICS/SCADA systems. The process ensures the protection of critical systems from APT attacks. 

Reporting and Recommendations
Reporting and Recommendations

Reporting and Recommendations

After completing the testing, we prepare a detailed report that includes all findings, identified vulnerabilities, and the potential impact of successful exploits. We also provide actionable recommendations for remediation and strengthening the security posture of the ICS/SCADA systems.

Follow-Up and Support
Follow-Up and Support

Follow-Up and Support

Following the assessment, our team remains available to support the client in implementing the recommended security measures and providing guidance to mitigate identified risks.

Industrial Control System Penetration Testing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ICS and SCADA Penetration Testing, and why is it essential for industrial organizations?
ICS and SCADA Penetration Testing is the assessment of critical infrastructure and industrial control systems to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors. It’s vital for safeguarding industrial operations and preventing potential disruptions.

What types of vulnerabilities can be identified during ICS and SCADA Penetration Testing?
Common vulnerabilities include insecure remote access, weak authentication, misconfigurations, insecure network protocols, and potential points of failure that could disrupt operations.
How can my organization request ICS and SCADA Penetration Testing from Certcube Labs?
To initiate an ICS and SCADA Penetration Test, please contact our team through our contact page. We’ll work closely with you to define the scope and objectives of the assessment.

How does Certcube Labs conduct ICS and SCADA Penetration Testing?
Certcube Labs employs a team of experts with specialized knowledge in ICS and SCADA systems. We perform in-depth assessments, using both automated tools and manual testing, to identify vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses.
Is ICS and SCADA Penetration Testing safe for my industrial systems?
Yes, testing is conducted with strict rules of engagement to ensure the safety of your industrial systems and operations. Our focus is on identifying vulnerabilities, not causing harm.
What is the typical duration of an ICS and SCADA Penetration Test?
The duration varies based on the complexity of your industrial environment and the depth of testing required. We’ll provide you with an estimated timeline after assessing your specific needs.

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