End Point Security

Strengthening organizations against cyber threats with
advanced endpoint security measures.

Compromise Assessment

Comprehensive compromise assessments for proactive
detection and mitigation of security breaches.

Identity And Access Management

Enabling secure user access and data protection through
Identity and Access Management consulting.

Secure Infrastructure Deployment

Empowering organizations with secure infrastructure
design and deployment for robust data integrity.

Ransomware Readiness

Assessing and fortifying ransomware readiness to
minimize threats and enhance recovery strategies.

Purple Team Assessment

Fostering collaborative cybersecurity excellence
through defensive strategies and vulnerability identification.

Enterprise Incident Response

Minimizing damage and ensuring swift recovery with
strategic incident response consulting for enterprises.

Disaster Recovery as a service

Ensuring uninterrupted operations through proactive
disaster recovery consulting for businesses.

Data Migration

Seamless and secure data migration consulting for
efficient transitions with minimal disruption.

Data Recovery

Expert data recovery consulting for swift retrieval of
valuable information and minimal business disruption.

SOC Maturity Assessment

Enhancing cybersecurity readiness through comprehensive
SOC assessment consulting.

Digital Forensics Investigation

We specialize in uncovering, preserving, and securing digital evidence for aiding in cybercrime resolution.

IT Risk Management

Thorough IT Risk Management Assessment
for Nurturing Business Resilience

CCSS Compliance Audit

Assure regulatory alignment, fostering
market legitimacy and investor trust

ISO 22301 Compliance Audit

Advancing the Contemporary Business
Continuity Management process

ISO 27001 Compliance Auditing

Nurturing Maturity Across People,
Processes, and Technology

Cloud Adoption Framework

IT offers a structured plan for organizations to efficiently manage their cloud migration and usage strategies.

GDPR Compliance Audit

Ensures data privacy compliance, mitigates
risks, and enhance customer trust

PCI DSS Compliance Audit

Strengthen payment security, safeguarding
sensitive data & fosters customer confidence

HIPPA Compliance Consulting

Protect the security of healthcare information,
legal compliance, and fosters patient trust.

HITRUST Compliance Consulting

Improve healthcare cybersecurity, streamlines
risk management & boosts credibility

Virtual Data Protection Officer

Remote professional who provides expertise in data protection and compliance.

FINRA Compliance

Reinforces the integrity of financial services,
compliance & nurtures trust among investors.

Fair Risk Assessment

Quantify decision-making with FAIR framework
to assess and manage information risks.

CCPA Compliance Audit

Ensure transparent data handling, respects
consumer rights, and fortify data-driven trust

SOC2 Compliance Audit & Report

Validates operational quality, builds customer
trust & demonstrates dedication to data security

ISO 27701 Compliance Audit

Assesses an organization's adherence to the privacy information management standard.

Industries WeServe

Secure Source Code Review

We identify source code vulnerabilities, ensuring strong defense against critical attacks.

Spear Phishing Simulations

We check the awareness of the people
towards enterprise cyber security policies

Infrastructure Pentesting

Maturing organizational resilience by evaluating the security posture of IT infrastructure.

Mobile Application Pentesting

Strengthens mobile app security by addressing vulnerabilities and ensuring robust protection .

DevSecOps Solutions

Strengthening software development through security-focused testing in DevSecOps.

IOT Security Assessment

Strengthens IoT systems by vulnerability analysis & ensuring defense with hardcore pentesting

Red Team Operations Services

Simulating real-world APT attacks to evaluate an organization's security readiness .

Cloud Pentesting And Security

Ensuring the robustness of cloud infrastructure by pentesting and defending the cloud .

Web Application Pentesting

Detecting issues across various programming languages, frontend & backend environments

Blockchain Penetration Testing

Evaluating blockchain security via vulnerability testing to prevent potential breaches.

Web API Pentesting

Validate API design ,configuration and implementation according to security policies.

ICS SCADA Pentesting

We safeguards industrial control systems by identifying and fixing vulnerabilities 

Security Configuration Review

In-depth inspection of enterprise devices or applications to identify configuration weaknesses .

Thick client Security Assessment

Conducting security assessment of local and server-side processing and communication protocols

Web3 Penetration Testing

Securing Web3 by probing and addressing vulnerabilities in decentralized apps and protocols.
corporate services

Infrastructure Security Assessment

Intelligence Driven Cyber Security Operations

Infrastructure Security Assessment

Infrastructure plays a vital role as the backbone of an enterprise’s operations. Administrators are responsible for the maintenance and management of various components, including internal and external networks, VPN networks, VLANs, firewalls, Database Servers , Email Servers ,Wireless networks, SANs, DMZs, Switches, and Routers. While their efforts are essential, focusing solely on maintenance and management may not be sufficient to protect the organization from potential cyber-attacks.

It is crucial to thoroughly evaluate the Infrastructure security posture to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. Misconfigured services, outdated components, and lack of timely updates can create entry points for attackers. Moreover, inadequate awareness training for employees may lead to social engineering attacks or careless handling of sensitive information, compromising the Infrastructure security.

In addition to technical aspects, load balancing schemas also need careful consideration during the assessment. Poorly balanced loads may lead to service disruptions or create opportunities for distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.By conducting a comprehensive infrastructure security assessment, organizations can proactively identify and address security weaknesses in their networks, reducing the risk of successful network attacks and enhancing overall cybersecurity.

Improve the Vital infrastructure security with us

Penetration testing by extension evolves as quickly as the technology it’s built on. For penetration testing services that go beyond a simple vulnerability scanner requires experts in the industry.

Certcube Labs’ approach to infrastructure security assessment goes above and beyond standard vulnerability analysis. With decades of combined security experience, our assessment team identifies, exploits, and documents even the most subtle of network vulnerabilities.

Manual vs Automated Infrastructure Security Assessment

Vulnerability Scanners Reality

The trouble with using automated scanners is best described with the words of Mark Twain: “Knowledge without experience is just information.” Very often, these scanners miss subtle security risks. It takes an experienced individual to understand the application context and how logic could be abused. Many vulnerabilities simply are not found in these automated vulnerability scanners.

What Makes Us Best

Certcube Labs’ security engineers utilize vulnerability scanners during the initial stages of an assessment as a starting point. However, our approach goes beyond this, as we believe that a deeper comprehension of the infrastructure and its context is essential to deliver assessments that are highly tailored to our clients’ specific security requirements, providing more relevant and effective results.


Step 1Q


Global Standrd for cyber security assessments and auditing organisation from cyber attacks..

Step 2Q


The standard defines guidelines for Planning and reconnaissance, identifying vulnerabilities, exploiting vulnerabilities and documenting findings.

Step 3Q


The Penetration Testing Execution Standard outlines the principles for conducting a thorough cybersecurity assessment.

Step 4Q


A complete methodology for penetration and security testing, security analysis and the measurement of operational security towards building the best possible security defenses .

Step 5Q


The MITRE ATT&CK framework is a curated knowledge base and model for cyber adversary behavior, reflecting the various phases of an adversary's attack lifecycle and the platforms they are known to target.

Our approach to Infrastructure Security Assessment  

Scope Meeting
Scope Meeting

Scope Meeting

Our team will discuss the assessment objectives, infrastructure assets, testing methodologies, and timelines to understand the complete scope.

Scope Verification
Scope Verification

Scope Verification

This phase consists of gathering information associated with the target infrastructure. The process involves confirming the boundaries, objectives, and specific assets to be assessed to ensure a clear understanding of the assessment’s scope and deliverables.

Asset prioritization
Asset prioritization

Asset prioritization

Our Team identifies and ranks assets based on their criticality and potential impact on the organization’s operations and data, enabling the effective allocation of resources and attention to address the most significant security risks at the earliest.

Vulnerability Assessment
Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment in infrastructure security involves systematically identifying, analyzing, and prioritizing potential weaknesses in the network, systems, and applications to proactively address security risks and enhance overall resilience against cyber threats. 

Penetration Testing
Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

The exploitation phase of infrastructure security assessment entails the actual steps of testing and exploiting the identified vulnerabilities. Throughout this phase, stakeholders actively participate in granting or denying permission for consultants to proceed with exploitation. The assessment encompasses vulnerabilities in both external network devices and hosts, ensuring comprehensive coverage to enhance the infrastructure’s overall security.

Reporting and Debrief
Reporting and Debrief

Reporting and Debrief

Reporting and debriefing are crucial components of infrastructure security assessment, where detailed findings, risk analysis, and recommended mitigation measures are communicated to the stakeholders. This process enables a clear understanding of the assessment results and facilitates informed decision-making to strengthen the organization’s security posture.

Re-Validation and Support
Re-Validation and Support

Re-Validation and Support

Our team Revalidate and assure that the identified vulnerabilities have been effectively addressed. Our robust ongoing support provides assistance and guidance to maintain a secure infrastructure and respond to emerging threats.

WHAT WE OFFER at network pentesting assessment


Your perimeter network is attacked every day and even small external vulnerabilities can be damaging. External network penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities on infrastructure devices and servers accessible from the internet. External penetration testing assesses the security posture of the routers, firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and other security appliances which filter malicious traffic from the intern
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Certcube Labs security engineers approach the local area network as an attacker on the inside. We look for privileged company information and other sensitive assets. This involves incorporating a variety of tools, uncovering user credentials, and attempting to compromise both virtual and physical machines present in the network environment.

The benefit of this engagement is in ensuring a breach of your external network will not result in a breach of your assessment.

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Configuration Review

Configuration review assessment involves evaluating the settings and configurations of network devices, servers, and other components to identify potential security gaps and ensure compliance with best practices, helping to enhance the overall security of the infrastructure.

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Network Audit

Our network performance audit helps organizations assess network reliability and capacity, optimize performance, and achieve business goals. We review network setup, monitor traffic, analyze protocols and data error rates, and assess system configurations. The process ensures improved utilization, better management, and increased productivity while addressing potential issues affecting network performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Infrastructure Penetration Testing, and why is it important for my organization's security?
Infrastructure Penetration Testing is a systematic assessment of your organization’s network, servers, and other infrastructure components to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers. It’s crucial to protect your critical assets and data.

What types of vulnerabilities can be identified during Infrastructure Penetration Testing?
Common vulnerabilities include misconfigurations, weak passwords, unpatched systems, open ports, and insecure network architecture, among others.
Is it safe to perform Infrastructure Penetration Testing on my production environment?
Yes, testing is conducted with strict rules of engagement to ensure the safety of your production environment. Our focus is on identifying vulnerabilities, not causing harm.
How does Certcube Labs conduct Infrastructure Penetration Testing?
At Certcube Labs, we use a combination of automated tools and manual testing techniques to assess your infrastructure comprehensively. We simulate real-world attacks to identify vulnerabilities.
Can you explain the difference between automated scanning and manual testing in Infrastructure Penetration Testing?
Automated scanning involves using tools to identify known vulnerabilities, while manual testing involves human testers identifying complex or custom vulnerabilities that automated tools may miss.
How can my organization request an Infrastructure Penetration Test from Certcube Labs?
To initiate an Infrastructure Penetration Test, please contact our team through our contact page. We’ll work closely with you to define the scope and objectives of the test.

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