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Empowering the Corporate

 Digital workforce

We are ISO 27001:2013 Certified India’s Premier Digital Technology organization, We sets the bar for quality customer service and professionalism. From GRC to APT simulations to collaborative assessments and Premium Cyber Security Education. Our each customer experience is
customized to best help organizations progress in security maturity .

providing robust Support to enhance the cyber defense 

The banking and finance industry is undergoing a tectonic shift caused by fintech innovation, new technologies, volatile markets, digital finance, and rising cyber threats. Customer experience is the new competitive battleground, with empowered customers who expect personalised experiences from organisations they can trust.

Certcube Labs team helps you modernise, transform, and manage technology to enable a faster and more agile delivery of differentiated products and services in today's rapidly evolving market. Our experts partner with you to help you meet customer demands, drive growth, and guard against increasing security threats.

Manufacturers are always looking for new ways to innovate, reduce cost, enhance production, accelerate change and optimise operations. To succeed, businesses need to digitise and modernise their operational technology (OT) and bridge the divide between IT and OT teams, enabling people, processes and technology to seamlessly work together.

Certcube Labs team provides proven technical expertise, capabilities and blueprints to guide manufacturers through the challenge of modernizing their IT and OT environments and addressing the complexities of digitising and modernising their plant floor environment.

Oil and gas is a major industry supporting the global economy as oil and gas still remain the primary sources of energy for industrialised and developing economies of the world. Unsurprisingly, the oil and gas industry is one of the most attractive targets for growing global terrorism and maritime piracy. While the threat of terrorism and sabotage attacks are across the supply chain of the oil and gas industry – from oil wells, transportation to refineries, the threat of piracy primarily concerns the oil tanker industry.

Attacks similar to the maritime piracy of the Somali pirates might affect a single oil tanker and result in increased costs for oil transportation, which in turn might result in higher end prices for consumers. Any major terrorist attack or act of sabotage on production facilities like oil rigs, offshore platforms and refineries will result in loss or complete stoppage of production, which might take months to restart.

In a world of changing regulations, escalating security threats, and growing expectations from patients and clinicians, healthcare providers must innovate to transform care delivery models and provide better experiences.

With decades of experience partnering with healthcare providers and a broad network of partners, Certcube Labs team can seamlessly integrate and enhance your technology to ensure the success of your digital transformation. Our customised services enable you to accelerate your pace of innovation, optimise workflows to gain efficiencies, decrease costs, and elevate patient experiences.


As their industry undergoes rapid digital transformation, insurers face increasing pressure to reduce costs, simplify and streamline operations, and incorporate new technology.

Certcube Labs Team helps insurers transform their IT estate and improve the bottom line by reducing operational complexity, optimising critical business processes with data and technology, and enabling top talent on flexible, secure and resilient infrastructures. With decades of technical expertise and an unrivalled commitment to progress, we build the foundations that enable you to accelerate innovation at scale and prepare for the future.

Retailers have long known what the future could look like  and in 2022 that future arrived with an accelerated shift to digital commerce. This retail reset, coupled with economic pressures and the rise of the value shopper, creates a challenge for retailers looking to grow sales, lower expenses, and improve customer loyalty. Prospering in this new, highly fluid market requires agility and adaptive technology.     

Certcube Labs empowers retailers to meet these challenges with capabilities and expertise that help them deliver a unified and differentiated customer experience. Achieve best-in-class retail, buttressed by a flexible, transparent supply chain and industry experts who work with you to combine the best of the brick-and-mortar experience with the efficiencies of digital.

5G and advanced wireless technologies have accelerated the rate and pace of transformation in the communications and media industry. Businesses are making huge investments to address demands for faster connectivity and immersive content experiences. Meanwhile, there is a race to deliver on the promise of technology with cloud migration, Edge computing, AI and VR technology supported by open, flexible, resilient, and intelligent platforms and architectures.

This is a critical turning point for the industry, and Certcube Labs has the experience and strategic partnership with Microsoft, AWS and Google Cloud to help our customers achieve their growth and transformation objectives.  We partner with you to modernise your enterprise, transform networks and significantly improve customer loyalty.

SAAS Providers are under a lot of pressure to meet the cyber security requirements of their customers. As a service provider, it is not enough to meet general industry standards. You are often having to meet the many standards and regulations that your customers are obligated to achieve. We help meet the standards by providing services tailored to the SaaS industry. This includes everything that a customer may ask for as part of their due diligence process.

Our mission

protect digital world

Certcube Labs overarching mission is to transform organizations & professionals from varying socioeconomic backgrounds and building the world’s Digital Workforces through our unique ecosystem that spearheads technological innovation, industry-leading services, and market-driven training’s.

Global level

Developing the global security ecosystem with our premier security services and up-skilling the next generation professionals with our SME to develop secure technology ecosystems worldwide.

Individual level

Providing possibility and upward mobility for millions of individuals worldwide with building the right mindset , filling their technological knowledge gap and overall development for task ready .

Local level

Maturing local enterprises with qualified due diligence security assessments and upgrading the local cyber security workforce ecosystem with our tailored custom programs.

upgrade your crew  BY subject matter Specialists

Our curriculum planners customize cybersecurity education programs for all industries based on each company’s specific needs. Expert instructors are equipped with tailor-made curricula in addition to knowledge-base benchmarks designed to either upskill or evaluate cyber competency.


Upstart your IT Security new hires with practical courses. Make them proficient in a fraction of the time.


Boost the skills of your pentesting team with advanced practical courses on several areas of pentesting.

Blue and Purple Teams

Teach your defense team the best methodologies and tools to use against hackers. In practice.

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why our training

research powerd programs

Certcube Labs investing heavily in building comprehensive learning ecosystems that hinge on thoughtful consideration of architecting learning paths/ ladders that can be thoughtfully customized to meet the learning/ business objectives while also supporting different learning styles.


In addition to comprehensive course materials , An Indivisual can create develop his own learning models with our expert team. Many training programs provide written education components but most of the time they fail to provide a practical test. We analyze and evalvate the candidate performance every week along with our hands-on practical training approach.

Flexible delivery models

Our training is delivered with industrial use cases . We deliver training in various modes it includes online instructor-led sessions, classroom training, and One-to-One student-focused. For the customized training programs we have On-fly or instructor-led live sessions facility available.


Counseling and Career support assistance

When you meet with the right people at the right point of time they always share something special with you. Get a chance to interact with our experienced team and solve the complex career growth issues. Take a free counseling session Today!

Adaptive learnings

Adaptive learning is the future of education. Sooner or later, students everywhere are going to benefit from being able to select courses and modules that are more closely tailored around how they prefer and need to learn .We provide our best instructors to make it possible with the student to achieve the desired goals.

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