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With Over a Decade of Experience as India’s Premier Digital Technology organization, Certcube is a World-Renowned Provider of Technology Education, Cyber security Services, and High-Caliber Knowledge Transfer.

Our mission

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Certcube’s overarching mission is to transform diverse groups of learners from varying socioeconomic backgrounds and build the world’s Cyber and Digital Workforces through our unique ecosystem that spearheads technological innovation, industry-leading services, and market-driven training’s.

Global level

Diminish the global workforce deficit by training the next generation of digital and cyber experts to build sustainable technology ecosystems around the globe.

Local level

Sustain local business networks by equipping enterprises with qualified digital technologists and cybersecurity candidates grown from within the local community.

Individual level

Provide opportunity and upward mobility for millions of individuals worldwide while reducing the growing shortage of workforce candidates with in-demand digital skills.

upgrade your crew with our subject matter Specialists

Our curriculum engineers customize cybersecurity training programs for all industries based on each company’s specific needs. Expert instructors are equipped with tailor-made curricula in addition to knowledge-base benchmarks designed to either upskill or evaluate cyber competency.


Upstart your IT Security new hires with practical courses. Make them proficient in a fraction of the time.


Boost the skills of your pentesting team with advanced practical courses on several areas of pentesting.

Blue and Purple Teams

Teach your defense team the best methodologies and tools to use against hackers. In practice.

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Cyber Security trainings

Why choose us

Certcube investing heavily in building comprehensive learning ecosystems that hinge on thoughtful consideration of architecting learning paths/ ladders that can be thoughtfully customized to meet the learning/ business objectives while also supporting different learning styles.


In addition to comprehensive course materials and videos, all students can create develop their own learning models with our expert team. Many training programs provide written education components but fail to provide a practical test. Applying your penetration testing training and skills in a controlled environment is a critical component of our hands-on approach.

Flexible delivery models

Our training are delivered as per global standards with industrial use cases. Courses delivered at online instructor-led sessions, classroom training, and One-to-One student-focused, as well as customized programs that can be delivered on-premises or instructor-led sessions.

Latest technology Trainings

Our training programs are always being updated to cover the latest trends in cyber security.We are included DevSecOps , cloud security , IoT security or the use of Big Data for Security operational centers ,RED Team & Blue TEAM, Threat Intelligence and many other domains .

Adaptive learnings

When results are important,adaptive learning environments that let students learn at their own pace work well to reinforce skills. Adaptive environments also accommodate different learning styles, letting users select the way they learn best. Catering training to individual user preferences can increase effectiveness and outcomes. 

Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing Services


Our clients


Today I’ve completed my one 2 one online training by Mr Naresh sir from Certcube Labs .
This is the first time I have attended a class in this format and wondered how effective it would be. It was very effective and therefore I would definitely be interested in attending other classes in the same format. The instructor was very knowlegeable and provided a wealth of information about the current version, especially since the last version I used was several releases ago.
Satyam Singh

BCA, Delhi University

It is the good place for one how want’s to start career in cyber security stream. And I am thankful to the instructor, as the online coaching is not in one-way traffic(“I mean instructor teaches his way where we used to take notes”) rather than that, the online session during the entire course duration of coaching was conducted as friendly interaction manner.
Chaitanya rapala

security engineer, Akamai technologies Inc.

I highly professional and corporate oriented training. I took summer training during July and it helped alot with my placement. The teachers are very professional and helpful in terms of the contact. If you are looking for a good training In cyber security domain you should go with certcube for sure
Simran tiwari

Security auditor, FIS Global

It was a great learning experience for me to be part of the Bug Bounty Course by the Certcube Labs – IT Security Training & Consultancy Services. Certcube Labs comprises of very experienced and hands-on instructors, which helps the candidate to explore at very edge of the Cyber Security domain. Henceforth, I highly recommend to take the courses offered by the Certcube Labs.
Raunak Sinha

security analyst, OYO Rooms

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