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certcube soc analyst

The SOC team is responsible for the ongoing, operational component of enterprise information security. Security operations center staff is comprised primarily of security analysts who work together to detect, analyze, respond to, report on, and prevent cybersecurity incidents. Additional capabilities of some security operations centers can include advanced forensic analysis, crypt-analysis, and malware reverse engineering to analyze incidents.

Learn detailed methodologies of Incident Response and Incident management with our Security Operational Center Training. With SOC training, We are Covering a wide range of SIEM methodologies as per organizations, Log analysis, vulnerability scanning techniques, and various industry-oriented use cases with SPLUNK and OSSIMM.

certcube SOC Analyst | SOC-121 1









certcube SOC Analyst | SOC-121 2
module 1 : soc fundamentals

This module is based on SOC principals, infrastructure deployment alert discovery and categories in detail.

certcube SOC Analyst | SOC-121 3
module 2 : siem methodlogies

Garner’s magic quadrant, SIEM guidelines, and architecture baselining of logs with a correlation of logs and events will be discussed in depth.


certcube SOC Analyst | SOC-121 4
module 3 : splunk in-depth

Industrial requirements of Splunk in various fields, Splunk terminologies, search processing language and various industry use cases.


certcube SOC Analyst | SOC-121 5
module 4 : Alianvault ossim fundamentals

Alianvault fundamentals and architecture deployment. Vulnerability scanning & monitoring with OSSIMM.


certcube SOC Analyst | SOC-121 6
module 5 : industry use cases
  • LAB 1 – Active directory environment
  • LAB 2 – Firewall & IDS environment
  • LAB 3 – Web environment
  • LAB 4 – Windows and Linux Server environment
  • LAB 5 – Malware Trigger
  • LAB 6 – Other use cases


certcube SOC Analyst | SOC-121 7
module 6 : incident response

This module is focused on incident response planning and incident handling beyond methods.


certcube SOC Analyst | SOC-121 8
module 7 : incident management

This module is based on incident response planning , incident management team responsibilites and incident management best practices.

who should attend this training?
  • Freshers

  • Ethical hackers

  • System Administrators

  • Network Administrators

  • Engineers

  • Web admins

  • Auditors

  • Security Professionals

why should i take this training?

The era of the technology is now growing every day but due to dependency on the technology cyber frauds and attacks are also increased so to take defense for yourself and your business this is best suitable training to take entry in this domain.

prerequisite of the training ?

The person should familiar with basic computer operations 

What is the duration of the training ?

Its an Instructor-led online training and the total duration of the training is 45 hours.

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Our clients


Today I’ve completed my one 2 one online training by Mr Naresh sir from Certcube Labs .
This is the first time I have attended a class in this format and wondered how effective it would be. It was very effective and therefore I would definitely be interested in attending other classes in the same format. The instructor was very knowlegeable and provided a wealth of information about the current version, especially since the last version I used was several releases ago.
Satyam Singh

BCA, Delhi University

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

5 start training. Naresh is the best. He made me Zero to Hero in 3 months time. Little bit expensive compare to others ,but totally worth it .


Cyber Security Consultant , Red Hawk

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