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We have dedicated cyber security module for corporate and student training’s. We provide customized classroom , online instructor led live and one to one student focused training across the globe .

Certcube is an integration of the best professionals, to give you a detailed and enhanced knowledge in the field of your choice. Being chosen as the best training institution for computer technologies for the past two years, Codec networks helps you become a skillful and efficient professional.

Dealing with the quality and quantity that you are provided with, Certcube  has all the modern equipment required for any training purpose, and makes you familiar with the same. Having a wide variety of courses to choose from, you can find yourself in a bush of in-depth knowledge, where you are provided with the best learning methods.

We offer you with the best and minimal cost for each course, and yearly discount packages which you can choose from. Also, you are provided six months period to reschedule your training course at any time, as per your convenience, making your course more flexible and light weighted.

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we strongly believe in hands on practical exercises with real life use cases .

learn with the industries best trainers with turn-key approach.


Advance Web application security

Web application security is  a dedicated training for pentesting web apps & web services with OWASP , WASC , CWE standards .

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DFIR training

Learn the detailed corporate method to investigate the crime and Incident response methodologies with real life case studies

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ISO 27001 Lead auditor

Auditing organizations gives best approach to understand the business and take you at the next level in the market .

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bug bounty hunter

learn the offensive methods to hunt the bugs and earn money online with private bounty programs

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Mobile pentesting

Learn the beyond android and IoS pentesting foundations with our tailer made industry focused course curriculum and upgrade yourself in new area of Security. 

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windows for pentesters

learn the corporate strategy to defend the windows systems .A detailed exploitation and post exploitation techniques will be practiced on our own labs.   

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ISo 27001 lead implementer

Implement the ISO 27001 in the organization with our corproate ISO 27001 training .

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Secure code review

Review the code line by line is crucial approach . Learn detailed code review of PHP , ASP & JAVA based applications join us.

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Blue Team Operations

Learn detailed concepts of implementation and monitoring of the organization with our labs with practical use case based training.

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Pentesting IoT Devices

Hardware , sensors , application and cloud are base of IoT. We provide industries best approach to pentest the hardware and sensor based devices .

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Cybersecurity Ventures predicts there will be 10.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions globally by 2025. Data from Burning Glass Technologies Research found that cyber security professionals tend to make about 20 percent more compared to other IT workers, yet there remains a lack of enough qualified professionals in the field. Read our comprehensive report on cybersecurity as a career choice covering the various types of roles, the skillsets required, and the career roadmap for a cybersecurity professional

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Certified cyber security specialist

This is a complete cyber security diploma program for those who want to learn each and every field of cyber security as per corporate demand and also it will help a candidate to work in multiple domains. Its a power-packed training program which include networking & Programming concepts as its beginning phase to get the detailed idea about designing & understanding the macros & micros of technology.

This training covers all mazer cyber security domains including Network Security, Web Application Security, Mobile Application Security, IoT Exploitation & Security, Security Operational Center, Cyber Forensics & Incident response and Governance, Risk & Compliance

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certified information security professional

Certified Information Security professional is a career-oriented training designed for learning the Information Security at its core level with project experience. This course includes detailed Networking concepts to gain the expertise in networks and also  Server administration is an additional part to understand the back-end process of an organization.

In this course, the candidate will cover the most demanded field in the cyber security for securing the business at its technical level.

Certcube Associate  Pentester 2.0

Certcube Associate Pentester is a real-world training program for beginners. Cyber security is a multi-layered domain, For beginners, it’s very much difficult to choose the right area of cyber security as per their interest. To solve this issue we have focused on every single state of this domain which is required to start learning about a field.

The candidate will start learning from the basics of networking, Cyber security standards and global frameworks to understand the working flaw of the cyber security team. Also, we have focused on different areas Like Network Security, Web application security, Mobile Application Security, IoT exploitation, Cloud Security, SOC to understand the different areas. we will coverup basics to intermediate level concepts in this real-world focused training.

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It was a great learning experience for me to be part of the Bug Bounty Course by the Certcube Labs – IT Security Training & Consultancy Services. Certcube Labs comprises of very experienced and hands-on instructors, which helps the candidate to explore at very edge of the Cyber Security domain. Henceforth, I highly recommend to take the courses offered by the Certcube Labs

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Raunak Sinha, Security Analyst – OYO Rooms

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