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aws cloud engineer masterclass

AWS Cloud Engineer Masterclass is the most detailed training designed for AWS Infrastructure development and operations. There is no programming knowledge needed and no prior AWS experience required to start the training. In the Aws solution architect masterclass course, we will start with a broad overview of the AWS infrastructure and then deep dive into the individual elements of the AWS platform. You will explore Route53, EC2, S3, CloudFront, Auto Scaling, Load Balancing, RDS, AD connecter, DynamoDB, EMR, VPC, API, app services, infrastructure building etc.

The aim of the AWS Cloud Engineer masterclass training is to upskill a candidate with multiple key areas; these areas have been defined by AWS as :

  • Effectively demonstrating the knowledge of how to build, architect and implement secure and robust services on AWS infrastructure. 
  • Define the right solution using architectural design principles and dummy implementations based on customer requirements
  • Provide detailed performance guidance based on best practices and use cases to the client organization throughout the life cycle of the project
Aws cloud engineer masterclass

detailed syllabus

ec2 and vpc primer

  • Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
  • Cloud deployment and service models AWS Global Infrastructure and its benefits
  • AWS Regions, Availability Zones, and Edge Locations AWS Services
  • Ways to access AWS Services: AWS CLI, AWS SDK, AWS Management Console
  • Ec2 instances categories
  • Hands on lab – Ec2 instances Windows Server
  • Hands on lab – Attaching extra volumes 
  • Hands on lab – Retrieve Metadata of amazon Linux
  • Use cases – bits and bytes of EC2 instances based on business model
  • What is VPC and How it works
  • Internet Gateway and Implied rounting table
  • Network ACL and NAT gateway
  • Cross Region VPC peering
  • Hands on lab –  Creating VPC , subnets , Routing Table , and Internet Gateway
  • Hands on lab –  VPC Nat Gateway with Private Instances
  • Hands on lab – AWS VPC Endpoint
  • Hands on lab –  VPN Connection in AWS

aws storage and s3 buckets

  • Type of Storage
  • Block storage and Object Storage
  • EBS and Instance Storage baseline
  • Hands on lab – How to take EBS Snapshot
  • Hands on lab – incremental Snapshot
  • Hands on lab – How to encrypt EBS volume
  • Hands on lab -How to Share EBS Snapshot
  • Hands on lab – Create AMI of EC2 instance
  • Hands on lab – How to Copy AMI into another AWS account
  • Hands on lab – How to attach root volume with another EC2 Instance
  • AWS snow and FSx family overview 
  • Hands on lab –  AWS snow and FSx Hands On
  • S3 Introduction and Naming rules
  • S3 versioning , Copying objects and MFA delete
  • S3 storage classes and Cross region replication
  • S3 object life cycle management
  • Hands on lab – S3 bucket creation
  • Hands on lab – S3 bucket creation via CLI
  • Hands on lab – Enable versioning
  • Hands on lab – Elastic file system via linux
  • Hands on lab – Static website hosting on S3

Load balancing and IAM

  • AWS autoscaling in depth
  • Autoscaling policies
  • Hands on Lab – Step Scaling, Traget Tracking policy
  • Elastic Load Balancer details
  • How ELB works 
  • Hands on Lab – Application Load balancer
  • Hands on Lab – Network Load balancer
  • Hands on Lab –  Establish a load balancer between two VPC
  • IAM role and features
  • IAM policies
  • IAM identities
  • Directory Services
  • Active Directory Connecter
  • Hands on lab – Create IAM user
  • Hands on lab –  Create IAM group , Inline Policy and Billing Dashboard
  • Hands on lab – Cross account access using IAM
  • Hands on lab – Active directory implementation on AWS cloud
  • AWS AD connector with IAM policies
  • Hands on Lab – Configuring On-prem active directory users with AWS . 
  • federated Accounts primer


  • What is DBMS
  • Relational Database
  • NoSQL Database
  • AWS Redshift
  • AWS Aurora
  • Amazon Elasticache and Memcached 
  • Hands on lab – AWS data migration services 
  • Relational Database Services in depth
  • AWS Dynamo DB in depth
  • Hands on Lab – Access MySQL Instance
  • Hands on Lab –  Dynamo DB , Aurora, Redshift 
  • What is Route53 and its working
  • Routing policies
  • Hands on Lab – How routing policy works in route53
  • Hands on lab – ElastiCache operations


  • What is CloudFront 
  • When to use CDN in AWS
  • What is Edge location and Regional edge cache in AWS
  • Hands on lab – AWS CloudFront
  • AWS Simple Queue Service and Use cases
  • SQS billing working structure
  • SQS visibility timeout 
  • SQS short polling and long polling
  • SQS triggers on lambda function
  • Hands on lab – AWS SQS triggers on lambda function
  • AWS Simple Notification Service 
  • SNS vs SQS
  • Amazon simple Workflow service essentials
  • Hands on lab –  SNS Demo 


  • What is CloudWatch Metrices
  • CloudWatch Dashboards, logs , Events and Alarms in depth
  • Hands on Lab – CloudWatch operations 
  • DVA EventBridge Overview
  • Hands on lab –  EventBridge 
  • Service Quota Overview
  • Hands on lab – Service Quota 
  • Hands on lab – Coudtrail operations
  • CloudWatch vs Cloudtrail vs Config
  • AWS Organizations and Control tower
  • AWS billing alarms and Cost explorer 
  • AWS Cost Allocation Tags & Cost & Usage Reports
  • Hands on lab –  AWS account management

aws vpn and application services

  • NAT instances with private subnets and Internet
  • NAT Gateway vs NAT Instance
  • Hands on Lab – VPN Server LAB accessing private instances
  • Hands on Lab – Site to Site VPN
  • Amazon API gateway basics
  • hands on lab – API methods to access S3
  • Amazon Elastic Transcoder and kinesis 
  • Hands on lab –  Transcoder and Kinesis 
  • Amazon Workspaces overview 
  • AAWS lambda and Serverless computing
  • AWS lambda invocation types and trigger
  • Hands on lab –  AWS lambda Demo
  • AWS serverless application models 
  • Hands on web – building an serverless website

cloudformation and ssm

  • Infrastructure as Code
  • CloudFormation and its components
  • Templates in CloudFormation
  • Stack in CloudFormation
  • Resource deletion policies in CloudFormation
  • Hands on Lab – CloudFormation primer
  • Aws System manager overview
  • SSM parameter and Resource groups
  • SSM Inventory & State manager
  • SSM Patch manager and Maintenance windows
  • SSM session manager overview
  • SSM cleanup
  • SSM beyond usage
  • Hands on Lab – SSM primer

aws Opsworks and beanstalk

  • Introduction to AWS OpsWorks
  • AWS OpsWorks services
  • Components of  AWS OpsWorks Stack
  • OpsWorks Lifecycle Events and Deployment Commands
  • OpsWorks for Chef Automate
  • AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • Components of Elastic Beanstalk
  • Beanstalk v/s OpsWorks v/s CloudFormation
  • Create Cloud Formation templates using both JSON and YAML
  • AWS OpsWorks Stack
  • Deploy a Web Application with DynamoDB using Beanstalk
  • AWS session manager lab
who should attend this training?
  • Freshers
  • Developers and Architects
  • DevOps professionals
  • Virtualization professionals
  • Security Experts
why should i take this training?

AWS maintained its position as the king of cloud Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers in the public cloud market. Companies started adopting the culture of cloud computing in day-to-day technical operations. The workforce required for the organisations must be capable of performing multiple operations together along with different teams. We have designed this AWS solution architect masterclass training to keep the organizational work culture and requirements in mind. 

prerequisite of the training ?

The person should familiar with basic networking operations 

What is the duration of the training ?

It’s an Instructor-led online training and the total duration of the training is 55 hours.

Our clients


I had the chance to learn aws solutions architect associate cert from MR.NARESH via CERTCUBE recently. I must say I was thoroughly impressed with the experience. I was taught with relevant use cases and With plenty of labs and projects. NARESH always teach you with plenty of examples using his extensive industry knowledge.CERTCUBE is the place where you are challenged on every step in order to gain best relevant knowledge. If you want to further your career in any information technology domain be it cybersecurity, SIEM solutions, cloud technologies, information Technology compliance. Choose your learning flavor CERTCUBE is the place for you.
Highly recommended best experience ever. You won’t be disappointed and it’s worth every penny
Rizwan javed

SOC expert

I have had the opportunity of learning from Mr Naresh about AWS Solution Architect course, personally I think that he was an excellent tutor, who was always engaging and patient. He taught me different concepts related to the course in a simpler and interesting way, with incredibly good practical examples and use cases. I must say that he always went above and beyond my expectations when it came to difficult concepts. Also, he always helped me with any doubts or queries I had even after the completion of course. I wish him great success in shaping lives of AWS experts and new learners who want to join this brilliant field of technology.


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