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advance network pentesting 

The Advance Network pentesting  training covers all aspects of internal and external network security assessments together.

Network security is the process of taking physical and software preventative measures to protect the underlying networking infrastructure from unauthorized access, misuse, malfunction, modification, destruction, or improper disclosure.

The main goal of network security is to protect the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of internal and external networks of an enterprise, including the servers, systems, wireless, firewalls, VPN, VLAN networks. It targets a wide range of threats and then prevents them from spreading or entering the network.

Thereby, creating a secure and safe platform for Internal active directory and external network Advance network pentesting and security training is the right choice for you.

In the Advance network pentesting  training, we will intensively focus on internal network penetration testing, external penetration testing, End Point security control Bypasses, Kiosk Pentesting, Active directory exploitation & post-exploitation will be covered with real-life case studies.

The Networking Devices Configuration Review and Baseline security makes this training at the next level with checklist preparation and enterprise report writing.


Advanced network pentesting and security

detailed syllabus


  • Understanding of network with Layered approach , TCP/IP protocol stack , Common Protocols, ICMP , IPV4 , IPV6 , VPN ,VLAN .
  • Detailed Sub-netting & Super-netting, Analysis of packets with wireshark
  • Windows Server Administration & Actice Directory Implementation
  • Linux commands -101
  • Windows Internals for pentesters
  • Powershell core command Fundamentals.

OSINT and network security auditing

  • Understanding Social Security of an organisation
  • OSINT for Social Security and Threat mapping
  • MITRE  and Other Pentesting frameworks
  • Scope analysis and NDA documentation
  •  Auditing Firewalls ,Switches , VPN , VLAN , Windows OS , Linux OS , Servers , Web Servers , Databases  and  cloud systems.

NETWORK vulnerability assessment

    • Corporate Vulnerability assessments tools
    • Nessus  primer
    • Nexpose  primer
    • Nmap primer
    • Custom scanning primer
    • System Enumeration in depth with various protocols  .
    • VA Reporting and Critical Patching

internal network pentesting

  • Mapping of internal network and analysis of internal network services
  • Firewall scoping and packet evasion techniques
  • VLAN pentesting methodologies
  • LAN network and wireless devices hijacking attacks
  • Printing services exploitation
  • Docker containers exploitation
  • C2 frameworks for automating the attacks and professional assessments .
  • Cobalt strike primer for pentesters
  • Sliver C2 for Pentesters

external network pentesting

  • Mapping external IP ranges according to the scope
  • Finding remote services and DMZ mapping
  • Initial access methodologies 
  • Offensive macro development
  • Kiosk services exploitation
  • Pivoting and tunnelling the internal services 
  • Linux and Windows exploitation techniques in depth
  • Hands-on Post exploitation methods of Linux and Windows machines
  • Data exfiltration and persistence

active directory pentesting

  • Mapping AD policies and stranded corporate procedures
  • Common administrators mistakes & implementation issues
  • Kerberosting techniques
  • PowerShell remoting  and WMI attacks
  • Service accounts exploitations 
  • Lateral movements in active directory
  • A red teamers approach to perform lateral movement techniques .
  • Standard Internal network , External network , Network Audit , Baseline Security reporting 
who should attend this training?
  • Freshers
  • Ethical hackers
  • System Administrators
  • Network Administrators
  • Engineers
  • Web admins
  • Auditors
  • Security Professionals
why should i take this training?

Advance network pentesting and security is an expert-level training that helps you to take your skills to the next level with pentesting the Active directory networks, Internal network components and External networks of an organization. the candidate will also learn Professional Audit of Firewalls, Routers, Switches and Other Resources. 

prerequisite of the training ?

The person should familiar with basic computer operations 

what is the total duration of the training ?

Its an Instructor-led online training and the total duration of the training is 50 hours.


What People Are Saying

Today I've completed my one 2 one online training by Mr Naresh sir from Certcube Labs .
This is the first time I have attended a class in this format and wondered how effective it would be. It was very effective and therefore I would definitely be interested in attending other classes in the same format. The instructor was very knowlegeable and provided a wealth of information about the current version, especially since the last version I used was several releases ago.

Satyam Singh

BCA, Delhi University

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

5 start training. Naresh is the best. He made me Zero to Hero in 3 months time. Little bit expensive compare to others ,but totally worth it .

Ravi S

Cyber Security Consultant , Red Hawk

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