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Specialised Security operations

In a world where cyber attacks can come from anywhere, any time, your organisation’s data security is critical to its success. Businesses are also embracing the enhanced capabilities of cloud, containers and OT environments while security in these areas is still being strengthened.

At The Missing Link, our internationally awarded security experts work with organisations like yours to consult on the best way to secure these additional environments to increase cyber resilience across their entire business.


Whether the systems or data you want to protect are in containers, cloud or OT environments, we can develop and implement an effective cyber security strategy to protect you. The recommendations we make will protect your people, processes, infrastructure and data more holistically.

Our professional services will include a thorough review of your current infrastructure and security posture, and we’ll work closely with you to understand your business goals and available resources. Then we’ll tailor specialised security recommendations to meet your needs and enhance your security maturity over time.

With an agnostic approach to technology and vendors, you can be assured that the solution we recommend for your business will be one that best suits your needs and one that is scalable as your business grows.

    Red team operations

    The Red Team Operations engagement consists of a realistic, “no-holds-barred” attack scenario in your environment. The Certcube Labs red team uses any nondestructive methods necessary to accomplish a set of jointly agreed-upon mission objectives while simulating attacker behavior. The red team closely mimics a real attacker’s active and stealthy attack methods by using TTPs seen
    on real, recent incident response engagements. This helps assess your security team’s ability to detect and respond to an active attacker scenario

    Spear Phishing assessment

    Some of the most famous cybercrimes in recent history — such as the attacks on significant banking groups, media organizations, and even security firms started with merely one person. Spear phishing is on the rise because it works. Traditional security defenses simply do not detect and stop it. We at certcube conduct sophisticated spear phishing attack simulations to mature the global workforce

    compromise assessment

    Compromise assessment analyzes cyber risk exposure, such as data exfiltration and sabotage, command and control activities, user authentication abnormalities, malware persistence mechanisms, and vulnerable network host and application configurations

    Purple Team Assessment

    Purple Team Assessment provides quantifiable evidence of the enterprise security operations’ effectiveness. Certcube team provides coaching to security teams step-by-step on improvement techniques at each phase of the attack lifecycle.

    end point security

    Endpoint security forms part of a broader cybersecurity program that is essential for all businesses, regardless of size. It has evolved from traditional antivirus software to comprehensive protection from sophisticated malware and evolving zero-day threats

    secure network implementation

    We architect and implement secure networks. These services are the core of the Infoguard network security. Our experienced consultants can design and deploy large and sophisticated networks. We rely on the Castle Approach to create and establish segmented networks. These networks include multi-tiers of security controls. We place these controls throughout the infrastructure and resources on the network

    digital forensic investigations

    Digital forensics serves as supporting proof or corroborating evidence often made by prosecutors and defendants to refute a claim that a certain activity was done by a specific person using a piece of digital equipment. The most common use is to recover erased digital evidence to support or disprove a claim in a court of law or in civil proceedings such as the eDiscovery process in courts. Forensics is also used during internal corporate investigations or intrusion investigations which includes additional activities like network and log review.

    secure web development

    Web development services help create all types of web-based software and ensure a great experience for web users. At Certcube, we professionally design, redesign and continuously support customer-facing and enterprise web apps to achieve high conversion and adoption rates.