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spear phishing assessment



Some of the most famous cybercrimes in recent history — such as the attacks on significant banking groups, media organisations and even security firms — started with merely one person. Spear phishing is on the rise because it works. Traditional security defences simply do not detect and stop it.


Brief Introduction about Spear Phishing attack 


 Spear phishing is a conceptual technique in which a victim is lured via email, text, video link, tweet or offer scheme by an intruder to click or download a bogus link or attachment. The central aim of this attack is to breach the victim computer by stealthily injecting a backdoor, which leads to obtaining unauthorized access to sensitive data remotely. Spear phishing attempts are more likely to be conducted by criminals attempting financial profit, business secrets or sensitive data.


Most Popular Techniques used for this attack are a mixture of social engineering, client-side flaws, and requests via social media websites etc.


Important factors for a successful spear-phishing attack


The Information should come from a legit source or ideally from a trusted “highly placed” authoritative figure in the organization.


 The message must complement the context in what is being said, and the contained Information supplements its validity.


 The recipient can draw a “firm need” or a logical reason for the request made by the sender.


How we can help you


 Certcube can help you to execute Spear Phishing attacks on the targeted email ID of the internal people of the organization. We do this by performing spear-phishing as a part of our pentesting Alpha1 Testing, which conclusively demonstrates how robust your information security awareness is inside your organization.


By planning thoroughly, we make sure that Spear Phishing Testing is done in a tightly controlled manner. We are then able to provide a reasonably accurate picture of your organization staff’s potential susceptibility to such lucrative attacks, which may entice even a moderately educated user to fall for it. To know more, write to us for more details on our Spear Phishing Testing Methodology.



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