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About the Course

IOT Security is a unique course designed the ability to evaluate the security of these smart devices. This course is ideal for those who want to understand the security issues associated with IOT, Exploitation techniques and enabling them to make better decisions when building, deploying and assessing IOT technologies.

This is pure professional training which is designed for those who want to exploit IoT devices, Mobile Apps etc.

IoT security is a real-world IoT devices exploitation training. Anyone who is interested in pentesting IoT devices, Senser based devices, Application testing etc .

Total Duration: 40 Hours

Class Timings: Mon -Fri ( 10 AM: 6 PM)

Online Training: 8 PM: 12 PM

To help entrepreneurs get their act together
before they talk to investors.

Key Features

  • 40 days online/classroom live instructor-Led Classes
  • 10 days Training on Weekends.
  • Support after training for Live Project
  • Training by highly experienced trainers

Experience the real-life projects on any of the use cases by employing various Pentesting concepts at Certcube.

We believe in practical learning – thus every class is aligned with a set of assignment that adds maximum value to your time.

Get Lifetime access to recorded class videos, Study materials with Certcube.

We backed by you in every single step – With personalized support crew, we ensureour availability 24/7 to resolve all your queries.

The best of enrolling with Certcube is to receive the certified badge for the lifetime.

We are also providing vendor certified training & certifications.

Certcube provides Detailed Notes, Tools, Text books, technology videos to every student.


  • Introduction of internet of things
  • IOT Architecture layers
  • IOT devices and technology
  • IOT  Protocols suite
  • IOT network architechure
  • IOT Applications & Insecuritites
  • OWASP IOT top 10 & Standerds
  • IOT attack surface areas
  • IOT Hardware &  components
  • Tools & Techniques
  • Hardware Communication Protocols
  • Embedded devices enumeration
  • Analyzing the interfaces and pinouts
  • Conventional Attack Vectors
  • Introduction to Radio Communication Analysis
  • Types of radio frequency modules
  • Protocols in radio frequency Modules
  • Sniffing the radio packets
  • Jamming based attacks
  • BLE in IOT devices
    • Sniffing BLE packets
    • Modifying and sending own packets
    • Taking over an IzoT device using BLE
  • ZigBee – Versions and Security Issues
    • Zigbee packet sniffing
    • Replaying Zigbee packets
    • Additional exploitation possibilities in Radio
  • PII security analysis
  • Analyzing Boards and chipsets
  • Identifying Serial Interfaces and Pinouts
  • UART Introduction and Interaction
  • Serial to Root
  • Introduction to SPI Flash
  • Dumping Firmware from a Real Device
  • JTAG – Introduction and finding pinouts
  • JTAG Enabling and Exploitation
  • Bypassing authentication using JTAG debugging
  • Firmware Dumping – via UART and JTAG Debug
  • USB Based Attack Vectors
  • Fuzzing IoT Devices
  • Side Channel and Timing Based Attacks overview
  • Industrial Grade IoT Ecosystem and Security Issues
  • Hardware Protections
  • Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT)
  • Constrained Application Protocol (COAP)
  • Understanding COAP with Wireshark
  • Web dashboard vulnerbilites
    • Injection attacks,
    • XSS
    • IDOR
    • Authorization issues
    • Authentication issues
    • Input validation attacks
  • Mobile application security issues identification
  • Introduction to Android Native Devices
  • Exploitation for Android and iOS
    • Platform related security issues
    • App reversing
    • Binary instrumentation
    • local storage issues
    • Beyond attacks
  • API based security issues
  • Cloud-based and vulnerabilities in the backend systems
  • How to Defend Against IoT Hacking
  • General Guidelines for IoT Device Manufacturing Companies
  • OWASP Top 10 IoT Vulnerabilities Solutions


Is there any option to take classes after office for working perople?

Yes we have option of hybrid learning in which you can take online sessions, One to one sessions as per time convinience.

Is there any technical and programming knowledge required for this course?

For beginner course, basic computers and internet knowledge needed and for advance expert trainings basic understanding of networking and programming required.

Can I attend a demo session before enrollment?

Yes, Demo facility is available for each and every course .

Is there any placement assistance?

We are giving 100% job assistance to our brilliant students .We are having a chain of professionals & consultants for requirement analysis of various companies & as per the need we will send our students for the interviews with CertCube reference.

How do I register for the online training?

Candidate need to fill the registration form online and need to make a payment in order to enroll the seat.

What if I missed a session?

Candidate can get an extra class for the same session if it missed or candidate can sit in another available class for the same module.

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