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About the Course

This is a complete cyber security diploma program for those who want to learn each and every field of cybersecurity as per corporate demand and also it will help a candidate to work in multiple domains. Its a power-packed training program which include networking & Programming concepts as its beginning phase to get the detailed idea about designing & understanding the macros & micros of technology.

This training covers all mazer cyber security domains including Network Security, Web Application Security, Mobile Application Security, IoT Exploitation & Security, Security Operational Center, Cyber Forensics & Incident response and Governance, Risk & Compliance.


Anyone who is interested to learn complete cybersecurity fields with project experience.

To learn complete cybersecurity fields in one mazer plateform join us.

Classroom Training:  Mon – Fri (2 hours as per batch availability )

Online Training: – Mon -Fri ( 8PM – 12PM)

We can also customized the timings as per the requirements

Total Duration of this course is 8 months

To help entrepreneurs get their act together
before they talk to investors.

Key Features

  • 8 months online/classroom instructor-Led Classes
  • 30 days Training on Weekends for fast track.
  • Support after training for Live Project
  • Training by highly experienced trainers

Experience the real-life projects on any of the use cases by employing various Pentesting concepts at Certcube.

We believe in practical learning – thus every class is aligned with a set of assignment that adds maximum value to your time.

Get Lifetime access to recorded class videos, Study materials with Certcube.

We backed by you in every single step – With personalized support crew, we ensureour availability 24/7 to resolve all your queries.

The best of enrolling with Certcube is to receive the certified badge for the lifetime.

We are also providing vendor certified training &  certifications.

Certcube provides Detailed Notes, Tools, Text books, technology videos to every student.


Before Get into the cyber security it is importent to understand the Network Fundamentals and a structured approach to start into learn Information Security .

In this Module Segment I- Students will learn Cyber laws and Corporate Laws ,Indian Cyber Security Teams , Globel IT Security Standerd and Frameworks , Essential Pentesting Methodlogies and Procedures.

Module Segment II –  Students will Learn Deep Packet Levl Understanding of netowork with Layerd approach , TCP/IP proctocol stack , Common Protocols, ICMP , IPV4 , IPV6 , VPN ,VLAN , Detailed Subnetting & Supernetting, Analysis of packets with wireshark , Windows Server Administration & Implemantation and Windows & Linux Architecture with Core command Fundamentals.

Programming Knowledge will add more benfits to understand the Working flow of applications and tools . In this module students will learn Shell Scripting and Python programming to make thair own scripts and tools to automate the various tasks .

Network Security is an crucial part of an Organization . Network Security Module  is focused with a systemetic process to conduct an network assessment  of Internal & External network from scope analysis to Post explotation of Windows and Linux OS & Servers , and Report Writing .

Students will understand the Wlan 802.11 Family , Architecture level concepts of frames  and beyond wireless assessment of WPA , WEP ,WPA2 , Evil Twin ,Rouge Access Points.

Configuration Review  & Baseline security also plays an importent role to defend an organization. Student will learn how to perform config reviews and audit of Wireless Networks , Web Server ,Database , Operating Systems , Servers , Switches , Firewalls & VPNs .

Application Security Maintains an organizations Business & market reputation. Web Application Security Students will learn various methods to conduct threat modelling , business logic testing , Agile ,SSDLC, DevOps  & DevSecOps methodologies, Black box and grey box approach to conduct a Security assessment of Various web technologies like ASP , PHP, API’s & Web Services .

We are following WASC , CWE , OWASP , SANS  Standerd and frameworks to perform the application security assessment . With our professional Labs we will provide A detailed scanning to beyond manual inspection of each and every URL of the application & Web Services with Report writing .

Almost 80% of Android users exist in the world . Now a days Orgenizations focus on developning the mobile applications to spread their business but a small bug can compromise all of the uers personal data and Information .

Andriod Security module focuses on static and dynamic approach to perform assessment of  android applications . Students will also learn business logic testing , Secure mobile application guideliness and report writing of Android applications.

IOS application are always considerd as more secure and safer as comparison to android applications but in recent years there are a lot of apps suffers from multiple attacks . IOS Security professional Module focuses on Static and Dynamic application security testing  along with various test cases . Students will learn Vulnerable lab Setup , detailed approach to map the scope and decrypt the application data , analysis the vulnerabilities & finding the loopholes in the IOS apps .

Internet of Things is the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing devices within the existing Internet infrastructure.Predictions have been made that the IoT has the potential to increase global corporate profits by 21% (in aggregate) by 2022. It  is important to understand the fundamental Impact of of vulnerble devices.

IoT devices Required Sensors , Hardware, Mobile Apps , Cloud Server to maintain everything . It is important to understand the security flaws that is rising along with the devices. This module is focused on the assessment of IoT devices.

In Segemnt I –  Students will learn Architecture , protocol Suite, IoT Framework and Standards , Hardware Components & Communication protocols .

In Segment II – Stundets will learn enumaration of Devices  , Mapping attack surface , Radio Communication analysis , Analyzing  BlE packets and Sniffing into the BLE packets , SPI flash , UART & Serial Interfaces, Firmware analysis & reverse engineering  , JTAG  Essentials & Exploitation, COAP with Wireshark , IoT Web , Cloud and Mobile Application Insecurities .

Students will also learn guidelness for securing the IoT devices and Report Writing .

Security operational center includes the SIEM operations and Incident response . In this module we are focusing on SOC principals & requirments , IBM Qradar Implementation , Log baselining , console practices , SPLUNK fundamentals and Moniterning , OSSIM deployment and log analysis .

Cyber foreniscs Team investigates the intenet crimes and frauds .In this module  we will focus on  a detailed apprach to investigate a cybercrime & case presentation , evidance collection documentation preparation .

Stundents will Learn Forenics legal issues , chain of custody , hard drive forensics , live  & dead forensics, Memory analysis, Disk Imaging , browser , Network , Email, Malware forensics.

An information security management system is a set of policies and procedures for systematically managing an organization’s sensitive data. ISMS is all about to protect the people , process , product and technology of an orgenixation via applying the correct controls and rules.

In this module student will learn ISO 27001 foundaton, business continuity managemnt essentials and RISK assessment methodologies with checklist preparation and Documentation.

For detiled Syllabus Kindly drop a mail to [email protected]


Is there any option to take classes after office for working perople?

Yes we have option of hybrid learning in which you can take online sessions, One to one sessions as per time convinience.

Is there any technical and programming knowledge required for this course?

For beginner course, basic computers and internet knowledge needed and for advance expert trainings basic understanding of networking and programming required.

Can I attend a demo session before enrollment?

Yes, Demo facility is available for each and every course .

Is there any placement assistance?

We are giving 100% job assistance to our brilliant students .We are having a chain of professionals & consultants for requirement analysis of various companies & as per the need we will send our students for the interviews with CertCube reference.

How do I register for the online training?

Candidate need to fill the registration form online and need to make a payment in order to enroll the seat.

What if I missed a session?

Candidate can get an extra class for the same session if it missed or candidate can sit in another available class for the same module.

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