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Cyber Crisis Management Plan

We offer a strategic framework, set of procedures and guidelines that an organization puts in place to minimize the impact of a cyber-attack or any other cyber-related incident.

CCMP Purpose

Certcube labs helps businesses to follow a systematic process to prepare, respond and coordinate against a security incident or a crisis situation .

CCMP Mandate

We prepare cyber crisis management plans as the regulatory authority requirements. We equip organizations to implement and ensure that compliance

CCMP Structure

The structure of CCMP includes understating the nature of Crisis and contingencies , mind mapping the threat landscape ,Crisis recognition , building the cyber security capabilities , Incident prevention countermeasures , Post Incident activity to prepare for the future risks

CCMP Point of Action

Organisations should develop a crisis management committee for outlining roles and responsibility of stakeholders in CCMP coordination process . Our Team plays a key role as supportive Cyber Crisis management unit for your organisation and can help in building the robust crisis management Plan.

cyber Crisis management plan mindmap

Identifying the problem statement

Developing a communication plan


create response procedures

conducting drill exercises

review and update the plan

why cyber crisis management plan ?

The Cyber Crisis Management Plan provides the strategic framework and guides actions to prepare for , respond to , and begin to coordinate recovery from an security breach . The cyber crisis management plan includes different type of cyber crisis , understanding the targets and impact on the organization , actions and responsibilities of concerned stakeholders , coordination among multiple departments , divisions and how critical infrastructure owned organizations should deal with cyber crisis situations . The field of Cyber security is highly technology intensive and new vulnerabilities emerge with progress in technologies . It gives New to challenges everyday, hence organizations need an cyber crisis management plan to investigate , detect , protect and recover from the security attacks .