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Corporate trainings

Companies are concentrated so much on protecting hardware and software against critical threats but they forget about securing the processes of working cycle and most importantly, providing adequate training for people involved in protection.

Employee awareness training is important to enhance the security level of the organization. Upgrade your employees to learn new technologies appearing nowadays to defend business and make them aware of new critical threats & vulnerabilities.

It’s important to conduct training for new people and make them certified to take your business at the next level and build trust in your clients. It will also meet up your regulatory compliance requirements to the continuous improvement of people, process and technology.

Cybersecurity is not just an IT problem, but a business problem, awareness training is not just for IT personnel but for all employees who has access to a computer and the Internet. The focus and specialty of awareness training need to be tailored to each employee’s function and their role within an organization.

We are also providing Special Training to Management Team and Non-Technical Teams to defend themself from intruders .


      • We have focused on real-life examples, both with the most common causes and the effects of these examples might have real-time impacts.
      • We provide highly customized training based on your own organization’s culture, policies, procedures, and perceived threats.
      • The training covers the Prevention and the responses to Cyber incidents.
      • Our general user awareness program training is easy to understand, not too technical, and measurable.
      • The training will be updated as new threats emerge and as the business culture and operations change.

Not all cyber security awareness training is equal, you should ensure that the training you select for your organisation is suited to your specific needs, your business environment and your level of cyber security maturity.


      • Less exposure to cyber security related risks.
      • Lower costs due to both the lower frequency of cyber-related loss-incidents and the severity of those incidents.
      • Lower costs associated with cybersecurity insurance premiums.
      • Saving time, as a lot of time, is wasted post Cybersecurity incidents in both finding out what happened, as well as possibly having to redo do the affected work.
      • Market edge over your business competition, as public knowledge of Cyber Incidents, will negatively affect your business reputation.
      • Positive staff culture regarding the Cyber and Information security.


Our Expert team will provide Vendor Certified training to add a value in team strength and quality . We are globelly providing training of  various venodrs including EC-COUNCIL , COMPTIA ,ISACA , ISC2 ,GAQM , CertNexus , Mile2 , Elearnsecurity Etc .

Specific Corporate Tool Training’s : –

      • Splunk
      • IBM Qradar
      • Logrythm
      • HP Archsight
      • Nessus
      • Burpsuite
      • Quals
      • OSSIMM

Famous IT Security & Management Training’s  : – 

      • ISO 27001 LA
      • ISO 22301 LA
      • ITIL 4
      • PMP Professional
      • Prince2
      • Cyber First Responder
      • CISA
      • Security +
      • ECSA / LPT
      • Certified Ethical Hacker



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