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network pentest

network security assessment

Networks are essential building blocks of an enterprise. Network Administrators are maintaining and managing internal & External networks, VPN Networks, VLAN, Firewalls, Wireless Networks, DMZs, Switches & Routers on a regular basis. But in terms of security, maintaining and manging are not enough to prevent an organization from an attack. Misconfigured Services, updates, Olders components, lack of awareness training, Lack load balancing schemas may lead a powerful network attack.


Our Approach

 1. Scope Analysis

 We start the network performance analysis process by first understanding the network structure. The scope can be tested by reviewing the network diagram. Network diagram gives an overview of:

  • Network elements and devices
  • Storage and Area mapping
  • Type of services in network & DMZ
  • Big picture of network congestion points
  • Network component redundancy information

2. Scanning the Network Devices & Enumeration

 Once the network setup and the Information flowing in it is clearly understood, then Certcube consultants will start analyzing individual IP’s and collecting Information about vulnerable services and ports.

3. Configuration Checks

 We will review the configuration of all network devices (e.g., routers, firewalls, printer settings) and the configuration of network applications. Reviewing of network applications typically includes:

  • Importance of web applications to business
  • Best practices
  • Configuration issues

4. Vulnerability Assessment

In this stage, our team will analyze every service and port and generate a report for all the test cases and scenarios.

5. Exploitation

Information collected from the previous step will be an input to this exercise. Vulnerable services and exploits are being tested, and our expert team will take every vulnerabilities screenshot, this will help them to create a detailed report.

6. Post exploitation

 In this phase, user-level privileges have been escalated for the further root level.

7. Impact

 This stage, our team will define the Impact of the particular attack as per the vulnerability.

8. Recommendation

This phase includes the presentations and safety checks that need to be implemented in the organizations.

9. Report Writing 

We prepare a detailed manual report writing which includes the each and every attack with details explained. This will helps the vendor to fix the vulnerability in a systematic manner.

Benefits of Network Security Assessment

  • Improve Internal and External network Security
  • Helps in handling critical endpoints implementations 
  • Helps to manage Network Process & Health
  • Increases network productivity & Effectiveness
  • Helps achieve organisation to achieve its near goals/targets according to their network




    Defining the Scope


    Vulnerability Assessment


    Penetration Testing


    Report Writing



    We are proficient in the assessment of networks and business units; we help the organization to monitor and maintain their systems with secure chain procedures.

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