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Certified Information Security professional is a career-oriented training . It is designed for learning the Information Security practice at its best level with a simulated hands-on project experience. The beginning of the course starts with detailed networking concepts to gain the expertise in networks  . Administrating the server side operations on cloud and on-prem infrastructure with hands-on practicals will make you familiar with the back-end process of an IT infrastructure. 

After building the basic blocks the training take you to the next level , we will cover the Internal and External Infrastructure Pentesting , Active Directory attacks , Baseline Security & Network Audits , Web application security , Mobile application pentesting and Cloud security to mature the overall IT security policies to next level.

Certified information security professional

training modules


Before jumping into cyber security space its extremely important to understand the core IT networking fundamentals and a structured approach to start getting start into IT Security domain .

In this certified information security professional training Students will learn Cyber Laws , Global IT Security Standards and Frameworks , Essential Pentesting Methodologies and Procedures. 

Next candidate will learn Deep Packet Level Understanding of network with Layered approach , TCP/IP protocol stack , Detailed Subnetting concepts . 

Further the candidate will learn Windows Server Administration & Implementation to understand the backend infrastructure. The fundamentals of AWS and AZURE cloud operations will be discussed in this module .  

In the last section of the module Windows & Linux Architecture , authentication procedures and Core command Fundamentals will be covered in depth.


Application Security Maintains the overall reputation of businesses . Certified information security professional training includes global WASC , CWE , OWASP Standard and related frameworks to perform the application security assessment.

Automation plays a key role in the modern application security . During this module we will explore the multiple corporate application security scanners and their robustness . It helps the enterprises to choose the best application security scanner for automated solution.

In The Web Application Security module students will learn various methods to conduct threat modelling , business logic testing , Black box and grey box approach to conduct a Security assessment of Various web technologies like ASP , PHP, web frameworks , API’s & Web Services .

At the end of this module candidate will learn product security with effective threat modelling and DevSecOps automation .


Network Security is an crucial part of an Organisation. The Certified cyber Security specialist training includes a layer approach to Pentest and audit the infrastructure .

Network Security Module is focused with a systematic process to conduct a network assessment of Internal & External Infrastructure .From scope analysis to Post exploitation of Windows and Linux Servers , and Report Writing the candidate will understand the each and every segment in depth.

The Module also coverup the active directory pentesting with c2 – frameworks like metasploit and cobaltstrike .Next , candidate will understand the WLAN 802.11 Family , Architecture level concepts of frames  and beyond wireless assessment of WPA , WEP ,WPA2 , WPA3 ,Evil Twin ,Rouge Access Points.

Configuration Review  & Baseline security also plays an importent role to defend an organization. Student will learn how to perform config reviews and audit of Wireless Networks , Web Server ,Database , Operating Systems , Servers , Switches , Firewalls & VPNs.


Almost 80% of Android users exist in the world . Nowadays Organizations focus on developing the mobile applications to spread their business but a small bug can compromise all of the user’s personal data and Information .

In Certified cyber security specialist training candidates will learn Andriod Security module focuses on static and dynamic approach to perform assessment of  android applications . Students will also learn business logic testing , Secure mobile application guidelines and report writing of Android applications.


In this module candidate will be exploring the IOS Architecture , anatomy of IPA file , Framework and Standards for mobile pentesting  .

IOS Security Module mainly focuses on Static and Dynamic Iphone apps security testing  along with various test cases .Various sub modules hands-on practicals will be covered including Vulnerable lab Setup ,detailed approach to map the scope and decrypt the application data , analysis the vulnerabilities & finding the loopholes with SAST and DAST methodologies in the IOS applications .

Cloud pentesting and audits

This module focuses on enterprise cloud operations and security . The candidate will learn AWS & AZURE cloud to implement the enterprise virtual data center . The candidate explore how to configure virtual private cloud to build an secure network over cloud , implementing firewall & NACL  policies , Identity and access management , load balancing and Storage mangement, hosting web applications , Implementing active directory over cloud . Once the candidate will be familiar with important cloud operations then after we will focus on finding the vulnerabilities in AWS and AZURE cloud . 

who should attend this training?
  • Freshers and Students
  • Ethical Hackers
  • System Administrators
  • Security Professionals
why should i take this training?

The training is heavily focused on covering the most demanding areas of an dynamic pentester. The enterprises increasing businesses growing rapidly due to the modern IT culture . The demand of cyber security is also equally increasing at the same time . 

Modern consulting organisations needs a solid workforce who can perform security operations on multiple technologies at the same time . The ceritifed information security professional training focuses on building the offensive mindset to learn the infrastructure security at its best level .

Learn Network security , Active directory pentesting , web application security and mobile application security all together to build the solid base in the cybersecurity space .

prerequisite of the training ?

The person should familiar with basic computer operations 

What is total duration of the training ?

The total duration of the training is 3 months.

IS it an offline training or Online training ?

The training is available in both offline and online instructor-led modes.


this is the best place making of career and develop personality. Great thought out progressive course, with caring teachers who look after everyone. When you have teachers who are concerned for all students no matter what level of knowledge students may have, thair way of guidence is just fantastic..
Tushar Bansal

BCA, Delhi University

Best institute for perfect knowledge about course in my point of view this is the best institute of Delhi for cyber security there trainers are very experienced and helpful.

Mano V

MCA, Pondicherry University

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