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certcube it security services

We deliver services that cost-effective, reliable and in line with the latest industrial best practices.We offer a variety of cyber security services that empower organizations to thrive in today’s digital economy. From offensive to defensive and everything in between,Certcube provides enterprise solutions that build cyber resilience.

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Our approach

Certcube follows a systematic and appropriate method towards understanding your overall business needs and identifying every possible threat impacting on your business. Our team of Security consultants, architects, security engineers, and experienced developers work together to provide seamless  services to defend the organization . As a cyber security company, we have been delivering our Secure development, IT Security and audit services for over a decade and have a huge client base in the Middle East, USA , Bangladesh, Australia and India.

Certcube assessment procedure

 We provides a wide range of cyber security consultancy services with ranging from network & application-level penetration testing, secure configuration review, Information Assurance and wireless security testing. In addition to penetration testing and consultancy, our ‘blue light’ incident response and forensics services provide you with rapid, expert assistance in the event of a security breach.The combination of our experience, skill set and knowledge will provide you with absolute confidence in your organisations resilience to Internet-based attackers, malicious insiders and malware.

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All services

internal network assessment

external network assessment

risk based pentesting

secure web development

spear phishing assessments

red team simulations

application security assessment

Mobile apps assessment

forensics soltuions

infrastructure audit

iso 27001 audit

secure network implementation

turn key lab implemetation

Cercube offers flexible contracting service to suit the needs of various customers. Managing all logistics, from resource mobilization through materials receipt to installation, the company ensures the completion of all documentation required by the authorities to comply with local codes and to also meet the new challenges of cGLP and cGMP requirements. Certcube offers comprehensive warranty and maintenance contracts to address the long-term sustainability of the new lab. We are actively working in academic turn key lab deployment in education sector.

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