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Certcube Globally trusted IT security Services company we are providing Web application Security, including web application manual testing, secure code review, business logic test flaws & reliable application design plan for a vendor.

Our research shows that one-size-fits-all doesn’t work when it comes to application security strategy. Having worked with various organizations of all types of shapes and sizes at its various levels of maturity we have realized that every organization needs to adopt a customized approach for application security.

Our security consultants specialized in different languages, including PHP, ASP.NET, JAVA, PHP, RUBY ON RAILS, C#, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, JSON, NODE and many others.

Web Application Security Assessment

Web Application Security testing designed to recognize and evaluate threats to the company through Vaitalweb applications that are delivered by vendors with tiny or no customization. Our application security assessment methodology developed around the following well-known security assessment guides such as :

  • Web Application Security Consortium
  • OWASP Top 10
  • Threat Modeling processes such as STRIDE, DREAD, and OCTAVE.
  • OWASP’s Software Assurance Maturity Model
  • Open Security Testing Methodology Manual
  • Web Application Security Consortium

As clients’ web applications may provide access to potentially sensitive substances, it is essential to assure that important web applications don’t reveal the underlying servers and software to a critical attack or allow any unauthorized user to access, change or destroy data or stop essential system services.It is equally important to secure the critical applications your company relies upon to conduct business and to store proprietary and confidential information. That way, even if the hackers manage to get inside your network, they still can’t crack into your most important apps.

Certcube’s Strategy to Application Security Assessments

Certcube uses many application security testing techniques. It includes black-box testing, grey-box testing, fault injection, and behavior monitoring. The application will also be tested along with business logic testing, which might exploit or abuse an application’s functionality to carry out undesired actions such as privilege escalation attacks, authorization bypass, parameter manipulation.

Certcube’s Approach to Application Security Assessments

CERTCUBE uses various application pen testing techniques. This can also include different testing approaches like a black-box approach, grey-box approach. It can be possible with business logic testing, which might exploit a mobile application’s functional to carry out unpridicatable actions such as privilege escalation flaw, authorization issue, parameter pollution.

Secure Development Guidelines

We provide secure development guidelines with following various secure software development life cycle, DevSecOps, Agile Technology. We are also helping the client to focus on configuration areas of the application, web servers to enhance the security of the 

Seure Code Review

Secure code review is the process of identifies line by line testing a code. In white-box testing, we follow a static code analysis approach to test an application’ s vulnerability in a detailed manner. We analysis the run time applications, MVC based applications with industries best scanners like a checkmarX, Appsec scan and others.

Business Logic Testing

During web application security testing, an important aspect often overlooked is the business logic flaws, which directly impact the business Management & operations. Web application needs to be tested by understanding the business process rolling on the system and then by building business logic test circumstances accordingly. Having worked with organizations across numerous industries, we have a relatively strong understanding of typical business processes such as online trading, e-commerce, supply chain, retail banking, treasury, payroll, procurement and others. This helps us build in-depth business logic cases even in a routine penetration testing exercise and add far more value than a plain-vanilla penetration testing exercise.

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