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secure code review services

Source Code review is an effective method for finding loopholes that can be challenging or inaccessible to find when black box approach and grey box testing. Our expert programmer and security engineers conduct a fast and effective code analysis armed with a comprehensive checklist of common implementation and architecture errors. Our skilled team is, therefore, able to instantly assess your code and provide you with a report containing all vulnerabilities detected during the analysis part.

Secure code review not only identifies which statement on which line of code is vulnerable, but is also able to recognise the tainted variable that introduces the vulnerability. In this way it illustrates the propagation from the root cause, to end result. This provides application developers with an end to end overview of each instance of vulnerability, allowing them to quickly understand the nature of the problem.

Secure code review Testing methodology Process 

Understand application code

define project goals and objectives


Drive manual tests through code logic, find and classify vulnerabilities.

Leverage automated and manual methods to fix vulnerability findings

create detailed report consisting of risk mitigation strategies

why secure code review required ? 

Since applications contain bugs, there exists a possibility that an attacker might be able to exploit some of them to impact or gain access to your information assets and capabilities. Web applications, in particular, are more affected by these vulnerabilities, as they are frequently developed and deployed quickly in production in short durations without sufficient time spent in security testing. We have a rigorous methodology for reviewing web application code.

Our review process is specifically tailored to find vulnerabilities that commonly occur in applications. We use a combination of both automated and manual techniques to conduct a source code review. Through the use of tools such as Checkmarx and Fortify, we are able to pick up vulnerabilities across large code-bases, and then narrow our focus onto security-specific modules of code (such as those implementing encryption or authorization) and also check for business logic issues.

Identify Flaws Earlier in the Development Lifecycle

Penetration testing on production applications provides invaluable awareness of current vulnerabilities and potential damage if exploited. However, it does have a reactive nature to it – testing after applications go public means identified vulnerabilities could have already been exploited. Secure code reviews identify bugs before they get pushed to production apps – and found by attackers.


Targeted Audits for Your Most Important Software

Using a hybrid approach,  Certcube Labs consultants utilize best-in-class code review tools to scan full codebase and deep manual examination for areas of critical importance.

These select functions, such as user authentication and client-supplied parameters, contain the majority of security flaws– so that’s where we perform the deep dive.