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advanced white box attacks

Advanced white box web attacks is an detailed secure code review course designed for experienced penetration testers and web developers . The need of secure source code is increasing day by day in production environments . Web Applications often depends on dynamic application security testing but this is not the complete solution for overall security of an MVC or hybrid Web Application . Secure source code review assures that right functions and core secure validations needs to be implemented in the application so that it wont affect the end users work when the code is live . Advanced white box attacks training will prepare the mindset of how to approach an web application as an white box pentester point of view  , Which functionality should be checked from thousands of lines of code , what can go wrong  with certain function and objects etc. 

This training is mainly focused to examine issues in various programming languages like Java , ASP.NET , C# , Node.js , Php , ruby etc . At the end of the training candidate will able to automate the complex attack chain in a nutshell 

The main prerequisite of this training is that candidate should famiiler with object oriented programming and web application Framework basics .

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Detailed sylalabus

secure code review baseline

  • Global Standards & Frameworks
  • DAST vs SAST methodologies
  • Web Technologies – front-end and back-end technology
  • Web application architecture
  • MVC and other Frameworks
  • Modifying the code assemblies with Visual studio and add ons
  • Other source code review industrial tools
  • Web sockets and RPC legacy issues
  • Dot Net decompilation and reconstructing the apps
  • Java decompilation and audit

programming 101 and common attacks

  • Basics of object oriented programming
  • Python web request and response handling
  • Python Network programming basics
  • Python Custom script development
  • Regex primer for pentesters
  • Authentication bypass flaws audit
  • SQL Injection attacks audit
  • cross site scripting audit
  • command injection audit
  • code injection audit
  • Password attacks  audit
  • cross site request forgery audit

advanced white box attacks

  • Remote code execution attack mapping
  • File upload vulnerabilities audit
  • Server side request forgery audits
  • Xml attacks and audits
  • session and cookies encryption audit
  • Deserialization attacks chain rce
  • Database libraries exploitation
  • Type Juggling exploitation
  • CMS audits
  • Templete engines exploitation
  • Common API attacks
who should attend this training?
  • Web developers
  • Security Professionals
  • DevSecOps Engineer
  • Security Engineers Devops
why should i take this training?

The complete web applicaiton security resides inside in the code and in requiring a strong audit specially in production environments. To enhance code review experience to next level join the advanced white box attacks training today !

pri-requisite of the training ?

Candidate must have some experience in dynamic web pentesting and also understands the object oriented programming basics .

what is the total duration of the training ?
Its an Instructor-led online training and the total duration of the training is 40 hours.


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