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advanced web application penesting

Advanced Web Application Pentesting training focuses on building the right mindset behind the attack life cycle . During the training the student will understand why and where to perform a specific attack & how to provide the right solution by understanding the anatomy of an attack. There is a high skill gap in securing web apps even after the adoption of modern security culture.

The real problem is the lack of  security mindset in the development areas, poor threat modelling , high dependency on automated solutions and sometimes poor solutions given by security engineers also affects the overall product. We are resolving these problems in our training program , With AWAPT training we discuss what , how and where the important decisions needs to be taken with respect to web applications development and security. 

The training follows the core principles of NIST, CWE & WASC methodologies. Advanced web application pentesting training covers up issues related to programming Languages like Javascript,, PHP, and java. We broadly cover famous web frameworks like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal,magento etc.

Advanced web application pentesting training focuses on a suitable dynamic web application penetration methodology for the people who are eagerly interested in learning the art of security testing of web applications. The practice also provides the insights into the up-to-date advanced pentesting tools required for carrying out a complete web application security assessment.

 There are myriad roles within the cybersecurity domain that are required to fill this gap, and we’re going to focus on one particular part – Web application security engineer.

The END goal of this advanced web application security training is to help the individuals to follow a well-documented and well-equipped web application pentesting methodology that can be used in enterprise grey box and black box assessments. Advanced web application security training has a significant Return on Investment; you walk out the door with pentesting skills that are highly in demand.

Advanced web application pentesting v2

DETAILED syllabus

web application foundations

  • Introduction to WAPT
  • Web Technologies – front-end and back-end technology
  • Web application architecture and methodologies
  • Understating web 1.0 , 2.0 and web 3.0 technologies
  • HTTP Methods, Error Codes, Cookie Basics, Frameworks etc.
  • Basics of web authentication procedures
  • Web Application request and response insights
  • Web encoding internals

assessment procedures

  • Types of Professional WAPT assessments
  • Black-box assessments vs grey box assessments
  • Defining ROE , SOW and NDA for pentesters
  • Scope creep and backup observations
  • Revalidation testing procedures
  • Website in-depth OSINT and scope analysis
  • Web application security standards , methodologies and frameworks
  • WAPT assessment commercial tools and usage guidelines in engagements

Burpsuite for pentesters

  • Systematic approach to enumerate the target
  • Proxy setup and configurations
  • Understanding intruder for fuzzing,
  • Understanding decoding and plugins
  • User privilege comparison with comparer
  • Extending BurpSuite functionality with extender
  • Analysing randomness with sequencer
  • Dedicated RCE analysis with collaborator and infiltrator
  • Macros and engagement tools will be covered in depth

Configuration and error handling attacks

    • Application Configuration and Deployment Management Testing
      • Backups and hunting issues in web server configurations
      • CSP , CORS , Strict Transport Security issues
      • Web caching issues
      • Methods , File handling , Subdomain mapping issues
      • Hunting issues in HTTP2 modern implementations
      • Public Data storage cloud and github
      • Improper data handling
      • File and Input based Dos attacks
      • SSL issues in web apps

    authentication and authorization attacks

    • Identity and Authentication Testing
      • User registration process issues
      • Credential complexity and storage issues
      • Bruteforcing web applications
      • Testing for Rate limiting issues
      • Attacking Password reset methods
      • JWT Token Flows
      • Oauth insecurities
      • SAML attacks
      • OTP bypass attacks
    • Session management testing
      • Cookie-based attacks vectors
      • Session Randomisation testing’s
      • Session manipulation attacks

    Client-side and business logic attacks

    • Client-side attacks
      • Html5 attacks
      • CSS and Javascript injections
      • XSS attacks 
      • CSRF attacks
      • Browser storage issues
      • Client side library attacks
      • iFrame and Clickjacking attacks
      • Client side access control issues
    • Business Logic Testing Flow
      • Understanding the business and logical execution impact analysis
      • building the negative logics
      • Use cases of banking, eCommerce, Store applications.

    Input validation attacks

    • Input validation attacks
      • SQL Injection attacks
      • Parameter tempering testing
      • Code injection flaws
      • Command Injection testing
      • CGI to RCE exploitation
      • ORM Injection
      • CSV Injection
      • NoSQL injection
      • SQLite Injection
      • Parameter pollution attacks
      • Price manipulation testing in e-commerce web apps
      • Host-header Injection testing
      • Local File Injection testing
      • Log poisoning attack to RCE
      • Remote File injection testing
      • Html and JavaScript Injection
      • File upload to RCE attacks
      • Other beyond attacks

    Modern web application attacks

    • Ajax, JSON, jQuery Attacks
    • Pentesting HTML5
    • Pentesting springboot 
    • Pentesting multiple CMS platforms
    • Web Memory corruption attacks
    • Web cache poisoning attacks
    • Server-side DOS attacks
    • XML based attacks
    • SSRF and SSTI attacks
    • Deserialization Flows
    • Pentesting web sockets
    • Pentesting web application security firewalls (WAF)
    • Web to database RCE attacks
    • Pentesting JIRA platforms
    • Hunting storage issues in cloud-hosted web applications
    • Building an attack kill chain with security misconfigurations
    • Documenting the issues in PHP,, Java and third-party libraries

    DEvops and reporting for pentesters

    • Threat Modelling in secure product development
    • Implementing Threat models Use Cases
    • DevSecOps adoption and challenges .
    • Building a secure CICD pipeline project on cloud .
    • Auditing backend servers for maximum remediations
    • Vulnerability remediations and case studies

     Report Writing 

    • Introduction to report writing essentials
    • Automated scanner report analysis 
    • Vulnerability assessment report methodologies
    • Assessment reporting guidelines
    • Multiple web application Certcube Labs assessment use cases
    who should attend this training?
    • Absolute Freshers
    • Infrastructure Administrators
    • Web developers
    • Database administrators
    • Security Architects
    • Security Professionals
    why should i take this training?

    Web applications automates a lot of operations in the modern information technology domain. Every Business sector is focusing on social presence and expending the market with product & service centric mindset . Web application security is equally important as business expansion .  Understanding the web application security minimize the risk of critical cyber security attacks in the organizations.  This training is designed to minimise the overall risk and focus on building the critical thinkers who can take the web application security to next level .

    pri-requisite of the training ?

    The candidate should be familiar with Linux OS, Basic networking operations.

    what is the total duration of the training ?

    Its an Instructor-led online training and the total duration of the training is 80 hours.


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    Certcube labs is an extremely recommendable place for people who are looking out for the courses of cyber security and ethical hacking with certifications , The trainers are experienced and are really skilled and helpful .


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