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Certcube offers academic institutions turnkey programs designed to expertly prepare the next generation of technology professionals to enter the digital workforce.
Industry experts handcraft comprehensive professional development programs designed to catapult absolute beginners into life-long careers in technology.
Certcube is the go-to partner for industry-leading digital technology education..

Building a core logical ecosystems


local level

Career Development

Our programs include career guidance and networking events, connecting students to local job opportunities


Business Networks
We build from the ground up, feeding our graduates into local businesses and satisfying industry demand with qualified candidates in local communities


Local Instructors
Certcube recruits instructors from the local industry and pairs them with other field experts to offer the most in-depth instruction and curricula


Market-Oriented Programs
Our digital technology and cybersecurity training programs are developed by experts currently working in the field to ensure our graduates are fully prepared for careers in today’s digital world
market level


Research & Development
The Certcube labs research and development teams study emerging technologies and digital strategies to provide the most relevant coursework to our students


Course Material
All certcube labs programs are continually updated with the latest tools and digital technology methodologies straight from our leading Israeli technology experts


Investment Division
Certcube labs invest in cutting-edge technology, bringing vast economies of scale across all our knowledge-transfer initiatives


Certcube labs Solutions
Our in-house solutions team provide unparalleled cybersecurity and digital marketing services to hundreds of companies, organizations, and governments worldwide


academic partnership benifits

Industry Focused Training Support


Global Recognizations

Campus Recruitment support

Academic institutions 1

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